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THIS PAGE IS OBSOLETE, refer to openSUSE:YaST_development page for current guide.

The YaST source code is kept in an open SVN repository on . This directory is split in "branches",
in which a snapshotdirectory is been created from the developmentsources e.g. openSuse 11.2 SuSE-Linux-11_2-Branch.

download sources

To download the YaST sources you have to checkout them with a SVN Client. For example we checkout the developmentsources to the directory YaST-svn, in our HOME-directory. Todo so open a terminalprogram and input the following.

mkdir -p ~/YaST-svn
cd ~/YaST-svn
svn co

Now we have the current developmentsources in our directory ~/YaST-svn/trunk on our system.

Instead of "trunk" we could also checkout every branch, a corresponding directory under ~/YaST-svn will be created.

Build a single Modul

To build a single Modul from the YaST-Sources, you have to follow the next steps.

Because installing is only posible as "root", you sould change to the root account.

A an Example we will build and install "devtools".

cd ~/YaST-svn/trunk
cd devtools
make -f Makefile.cvs
make install

After installing we can use all functions of the modul.

All other moduls can be build and installed the same way.

Build all Moduls

Building and installing all Moduls is even easier.
Todo so "yast-devtools", or the modul "devtools" from the sources has to be installed.
To build and install follow these steps.

cd ~/YaST-svn/trunk
y2tool y2makeall

Now the only thing you'll have to is to be patient (or to buy a faster computer :)). After that all moduls, and the YaST core is installed.