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openSUSE:YaST: Porting from SLE11 to SLE12

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YaST has been converted from YCP to Ruby. You can use the YCP Killer to convert your YCP code.


The module was dropped. Here are replacements for its API:

  • Wizard_hw::ConfiguredContent - renamed to UIHelper.EditTable
  • Wizard_hw::DetectedContent - apparently this is used mostly in old boilerplate code SummaryDialog and ConfiguredDialog which can be simply deleted. See especially this example of conversion.
  • Wizard_hw::SizeAtLeast - renamed to UIHelper.SizeAtLeast
  • Wizard_hw::SpacingAround - renamed to UIHelper.SpacingAround


  • The *.spec.in files were replaced by *.spec files stored directly in Git. See the announcement and the HowTo
  • The VERSION files were removed, the packaging tools read the version directly from *.spec files (this is related to the previous item), see the announcement