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openSUSE:Wallpaper graphics (proposals)

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Web is full of nice images, but when you need one then it is not there.

This page is not meant as showcase of images, but collection of links to images on the web that can be used as wallpapers in openSUSE. The goal is to collect as many as possible, but only those that are good as a wallpaper, which in general means not busy:

  • They have large areas of more or less monotonous coloring so that desktop elements are not lost, like:
    • macro photos
    • landscape
    • coast and sea
  • They can be seen by anyone; in other words they should not be provocative:
    • sexually explicit
    • depicting violence
    • inciting hatred
  • License (like Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, or Public domain) allows usage in mixed, commercial and non-commercial, environment, or we can have permission for that.

So, just add links as they grow we will introduce description, give tags (additional categories), icons.

How to contact an artist

  1. Once you have found artwork you really like somewhere on-line you have to first add it to this list.
  2. Unless the artwork is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, or Public domain - the arwork author/owner must be contacted
  3. As soon as you have decided to actually get in touch with the author/owner you must first let openSUSE artwork know you are doing so, by sending an introduction email to art mailing list ( The email has to include a link to the artwork, the artwork author/owner's name, and a sample text of the email you are about to send to him/her/them. (Done in a effort to make the web search more organized and coordinated)
  4. Mailing list participants will respond with their suggestions/corrections to your email.
  5. Send the text of the email mailing list has agreed upon to the artwork author/owner and CC the art mailing list.
  6. Wait for a reply.
  7. Once/If a positive reply has been received update this page with license/author information, and author/owner's comments (if any).
  8. Once/If a negative replay has been received update this page - remove ALL unnecessary information about the artist, leave only artist's name, website address and a brief message indicating that the artist/owner replied negatively.
  9. (In any case) Send a reply to the owner/artist and thank him/her/them for their time.

Enrique Pacheco

Numbers are from page index.

Kike Vázquez

Andrés Barra

Harlan Pennell