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openSUSE:Video server

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Purpose is the SUSE internal video server. All recordings done by the suseVideo team are hosted there. This also includes (master) copies of the videos published on youtube and elsewhere. TODO: the machine exists (virtual on perelman), was tested with an icecast servers, but is idle most of the time.

Suggested usage

upload point

  • All raw DV footage is uploaded to streaming.n.s.c
  • the server is instructed (by a short ascii text form, or through some web interface) about
    • distribution (internal or public)
    • metadata: title, author, date, location, ...
    • intended formats: webm, sd, hd, fullhd, ...
  • automated push to and youtube/opensusetv.

admin web page

  • Plan recordings, live streams of future events.
  • Show embedded video players for all currently active live streams.
  • searchable video archive

preliminary manual usage

  • See the README.txt on the server for recent instructions.

Software Evaluation

  • python. yeah.

Cornelius discovered

  • can only play flash, and php again. sigh.

James looked into several options and concluded:

  • For internal YouTube instance, I tried, got the web UI working but not the video upload/encoding. I looked at the source code and was horrified at how bad it is so decided to try something else.
  • I got working but it needs a web frontend, so not really the full solution I was looking for.


  • Henne once recommended something else. Please fill in...