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openSUSE:Video Recording/Notice Template

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Needed Notifications

To comply with German (and other) law, we will only videotape people, if we have their explicit permission. Explicitly asking people to give their permission before the recording is cumbersome, and often leaves room to misunderstandings (did the speaker really understand that I asked for public - rather than suse only - distribution)

After consulting with SUSE legal we found that a prominent notice could fulfil our purpose efficiently. The notice should include:

  • The type of recording (Presentation+QA+Discussion+Workshop)
  • Planned visibility (Speaker, Slides, Audience, etc.)
  • The type of redistribution (suse internal, community group, public)
  • The responsible person for the recordings and distribution
  • That anybody who is not okay with the planned recording and distribution should approach the the video team and / or not enter the room.

The notice should be prominent:

  • Clearly visible at every door leading to the venue.
  • Attached to or linked from all invitation mails or posters.

File:Recording Notice-2012-11-09.pdf File:Recording Notice-2012-11-09.odt