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openSUSE:usr merge

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Within parts of the Linux community there is a push to move the content from /bin, /sbin, /lib, and /lib64 into the counterpart directories in /usr, see The case for the usr merge. This page is intended to track work being done, collect concerns and best practices.

Since 12.2 entered the stabilizing phase, the remainder of usr merge needs to be postponed until 12.3 development starts.

Pros & Cons

  • Improved compatibility towards other Linux & UNIX distributions
    • For non open source applications and open source applications not built by a given dirstibution support of multiple distributions is potentially difficult with binaries in different locations from one distribution to the next. If distributions converge on one common model for the location of binaries in /usr/{bin,sbin} everyone wins.
  • Booting a Linux system without having /usr mounted (if it lives on a separate file system) is not reliable, as discussed in various threads elsewhere.
    • Even prior to the implementation of systemd having /usr on a separate file system was an undertaking that was not necessarily for the faint of heart. The fact is that tools that were potentially needed early on in the boot process already live in the /usr tree. The implementation of systemd just forced the issue to the fore front and it then got resolved with the mounting of /usr in the initrd. With this solution having /usr on a separate filesystem now actually works reliably and the separation of /bin, /sbin from /usr/{bin,sbin} is even more artificial than it was previously.
  • The separation between /usr/{bin,sbin} and /bin, /sbin has historical physical limitation reasons that no longer exist.
    • Just as we have passed the 64k limitation, and who would ever need more than 64k, we have long passed the physical limitation that made the split of / and /usr necessary, for some background read this.
  • Many upstream tools and applications use autoconf and other tools that place binaries in /usr.
    • At present .spec files often have to add extra code, configuration options, etc. to place binaries into /, this extra code will go away simplifying our .spec files. Yes, during the transition we still carry extra code, but once the transition is complete the extra code can be removed.
  • The FHS and LSB do not allow/support this merge
    • The LSB describes behavior and not location of binaries. The Standard references the FHS and describes that applications that want to be LSB compliant also conform to the FHS, as well as distributions that want to certify to the LSB.
      • We do not certify openSUSE to be LSB compliant
        • This does not mean we should not pay attention to the standard.
    • Neither the current release of the FHS 2.3, nor the proposed next release 3.0 require binaries to be located in /bin. Specifically the FHS states "The following commands, or symbolic links to commands, are required in /bin.", see requirements. Thus a symbolic link from /bin to /usr/bin is allowed.
  • We might break things
    • Yes, this is true. But this argument is always true, just see the mess we made of GnuCash in openSUSE 12.1. Any change has the chance of breaking things.
  • We are still reeling from the systemd transition
    • This follows the same line of argumentation as "we might break things". The systemd transition was more painful to some then to others, thus the verdict is a mixed bag. There is also no reason that the merge cannot happen over a period of two releases. We can migrate binaries slowly and thus reduce the risk of a "shock the system" type of approach.

Additional work

  • Breaks initrd/instsys creation
    • The tools that create the initrd do not follow symlinks and thus back-linking moved executables works fine for a running system, but does not allow us to create a working initrd. The tools need to be modified to use the executables from the new location.
  • Requires: /bin/foo in spec file
    • Some packages use "Requires: /bin/foo" these must change when foo moves from /bin to /usr/bin, also when moving a binary the "Provides: /bin/foo" needs to change to "Provides: %{_bindir}/foo}"
  • Upgrade concern
    • Does rpm/zypper properly handle files being replaced with symlinks? "zypper up" works, how about "zypper dup"?

How to help

  1. Claim a package from the table below by adding your user name
  2. Figure out the development project for the package
    • osc develproject openSUSE:Factory PACKAGE_NAME
  3. Branch the package
  4. Make the appropriate changes (this will mostly only involve changes to the .spec file)
    • Create a link from the old location to the new location in the %install section
      • Mark this link with #UsrMerge, #EndUsrMerge
    • Add the link in the %files section, also marked with #UsrMerge, #EndUsrMerge
    • build the package (osc build openSUSE_Factory)
    • don't forget to add a comment to the .changes file (osc vc)
    • you should at least run an install test on a running factory system and verify that everything ended up in the places you expected
  5. Commit your changes
    • osc commit
  6. Submit you changes back to the devel project
    • osc sr -m "usrMerge project - move files from toplevel to /usr"
  7. After the changes have been accepted in the devel project submit the changes to factory
    • osc sr -m "usrMerge project - move files from toplevel to /usr" DEVELPROJECT_NAME PACKAGE_NAME openSUSE:Factory

The special comments #UsrMerge, #EndUsrMerge will help us to clean up the spec files once everything has been moved and we can create a general link from /bin to /usr/bin for example.

mkdir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/sbin
ln -s %_sbindir/foo $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/sbin/foo

Some configure scripts and makefiles do not respect the user settings and place binaries in hard coded paths such as /bin and /sbin. In these cases you can just move the binaries to the appropriate /usr directory in the %install section prior to creating the back link as shown above.

Table of affected packages

Package name Executables/libraries Being worked on by Devel project SR Accepted on Factory SR Accepted on Comments
SuSEfirewall2-3.6.282-1.4.1 /sbin/rcSuSEfirewall2, /sbin/SuSEfirewall2, not claimed SR SR
aaa_base-12.1-534.3.1 /sbin/service, /sbin/SuSEconfig, /sbin/smart_agetty, /sbin/chkconfig, /sbin/refresh_initrd, /sbin/get_kernel_version, not claimed SR SR
aaa_base-extras-12.1-534.3.1 /sbin/quick_poweroff, /sbin/quick_reboot, /sbin/quick_halt, not claimed SR SR
acpid-2.0.10-10.3.1 /sbin/acpid, not claimed SR SR Binaries moved, no tracking entry
bash-4.2-1.8.1 /bin/sh, /bin/bash, not claimed SR SR
bootsplash-3.3-174.1.2 /sbin/splash.bin, /sbin/splashpbm, /sbin/bootanim, /sbin/splash, /sbin/fbresolution, not claimed SR SR
bridge-utils-1.5-6.1.2 /sbin/brctl, rjschwei SR 102466 2012-02-02 SR 102526 2012-02-06
btrfsprogs-0.19-43.5.1 /sbin/btrfstune, /sbin/fsck.btrfs, /sbin/mkfs.btrfs, /sbin/btrfs-convert, /sbin/btrfs-dump-super, /sbin/btrfs-find-root, /sbin/btrfs-image, /sbin/btrfs-restore, /sbin/btrfs-select-super, /sbin/btrfs-zero-log, /sbin/btrfsck, /sbin/btrfs, rjschwei SR 108665 2012-03-12 SR 108879 2012-03-20
cifs-utils-4.9-7.1.3 /sbin/mount.cifs, not claimed SR SR
coreutils-8.14-3.1.2 /bin/sleep, /bin/rm, /bin/stat, /bin/stty, /bin/readlink, /bin/sort, /bin/ln, /bin/chown, /bin/echo, /bin/touch, /bin/dd, /bin/arch, /bin/sync, /bin/mknod, /bin/su, /bin/mkdir, /bin/pwd, /bin/mv, /bin/true, /bin/uname, /bin/ls, /bin/df, /bin/date, /bin/mktemp, /bin/false, /bin/chmod, /bin/basename, /bin/cat, /bin/kill, /bin/cp, /bin/chgrp, /bin/md5sum, /bin/rmdir, rjschwei SR 105016 2012-02-20 SR 106100 2012-02-21 Bug 745622; Requires changes to mkinitrd, see merge request
cpio-2.11-14.1.2 /bin/cpio, rjschwei SR 102480 2012-02-06 SR 102897 2012-02-07
cpp-4.6-15.1.3 /lib/cpp, not claimed SR SR
crda-1.1.1-10.1.2 /sbin/crda, /sbin/regdbdump, rjschwei SR 102719 2012-02-07 SR 102994 2012-02-07
cryptsetup-1.3.1-6.4.1 /sbin/rccrypto, /sbin/cryptsetup, /sbin/hashalot, rjschwei SR 102718 2012-02-10 SR
dbus-1-1.5.8-2.1.2 /bin/dbus-daemon, /bin/dbus-uuidgen, /bin/dbus-cleanup-sockets, /bin/dbus-monitor, /bin/dbus-send, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
dd_rescue-1.24_0.1.2-1.2 /bin/dd_rescue, /bin/dd_rhelp, rjschwei SR 103120 2012-02-08 SR 103409 2012-02-10
device-mapper-1.02.63-19.5.1 /sbin/dmsetup, /sbin/dmeventd, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
dhcp-client-4.2.3.P2- /sbin/dhclient, /sbin/dhclient-script, /sbin/dhclient6, rjschwei SR 115892 SR
dhcpcd-3.2.3- /sbin/dhcpcd, rjschwei SR 103374 2012-02-28 SR 107408 2012-03-01
dmraid-1.0.0.rc16-13.1.3 /sbin/dmevent_tool, /sbin/dmraid, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
dosfstools-3.0.10-18.1.2 /sbin/fsck.msdos, /sbin/mkfs.vfat, /sbin/fsck.vfat, /sbin/mkfs.msdos, /sbin/mkdosfs, /sbin/dosfslabel, /sbin/dosfsck, rjschwei SR 103436 2012-02-09 SR 103534 2012-02-14
e2fsprogs-1.41.14-10.1.2 /sbin/fsck.ext3, /sbin/logsave, /sbin/e2fsck, /sbin/mkfs.ext3, /sbin/fsck.ext4, /sbin/mkfs.ext4, /sbin/resize2fs, /sbin/mke2fs, /sbin/fsck.ext2, /sbin/e2image, /sbin/tune2fs, /sbin/dumpe2fs, /sbin/badblocks, /sbin/debugfs, /sbin/mkfs.ext2, /sbin/e2undo, /sbin/e2label, rjschwei SR 113288 2012-04-11 SR 113290 2012-04-18
ed-1.5-6.1.2 /bin/ed, rjschwei SR 102623 2012-02-04 SR 102762 2012-02-10
eject-2.1.0-155.3.1 /bin/eject, rjschwei SR 103755 2012-02-13 SR 104783 2012-02-16 Also needs "permissions" changes, like coreutils
ethtool-3.0-3.1.2 /sbin/ethtool, rjschwei SR 103318 2012-02-08 SR 103408 2012-02-09
fbset-2.1-932.1.2 /sbin/rcfbset, /sbin/modeline2fb, /sbin/fbset, rjschwei SR 105418 2012-02-17 SR 105694 2012-02-20
file /lib64/ is not owned by any package /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
file /lib64/ is not owned by any package /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
file /lib64/ is not owned by any package /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
file /lib64/ is not owned by any package /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
file /lib64/ is not owned by any package /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
syslog-ng /lib64/, /lib64/, /sbin/syslog-ng rjschwei SR 115933 SR
fillup-1.42-261.1.2 /bin/fillup, rjschwei SR 103323 2012-02-09 SR 103530 2012-02-14
findutils-4.4.2-17.1.2 /bin/find, rjschwei SR 102739 2012-02-07 SR 102998 2012-02-11
fuse-2.8.5-16.1.2 /sbin/mount.fuse, rjschwei SR 105428, 115749 2012-05-16 SR 121244 105428 sat too long in the queue was rejected due to merge conflicts
fxload-2008_10_13-14.1.2 /sbin/fxload, rjschwei SR 105288 2012-02-17 SR 105785 2012-02-20
gawk-4.0.0-3.1.2 /bin/awk, /bin/gawk, rjschwei SR 103443 2012-02-17 SR 105738 2012-02-21
glibc-2.14.1-14.18.1 /sbin/ldconfig, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
grep-2.9-5.1.2 /bin/egrep, /bin/grep, /bin/fgrep, rjschwei SR 102725 2012-02-07 SR 102997 2012-02-07
gzip-1.4-7.1.13 /bin/zcat, /bin/gzip, /bin/gunzip, rjschwei SR 103114 2012-02-08 SR 103289 2012-02-10
haveged-1.2-3.1.2 /sbin/haveged, Unknown SR SR Binaries moved, no tracking entry
hdparm-9.37-7.1.2 /sbin/hdparm, /sbin/, rjschwei SR 105285, 105787 2012-02-17, 2012-02-19 SR 105698, 105856 ,2012-03-07 Second go around needed to fix the license
ifplugd-0.28-224.1.3 /sbin/ifplugstatus, /sbin/ifplugd, rjschwei SR 105713 2012-02-20 SR 106099 2012-02-21
info-4.13a-21.1.3 /sbin/install-info, rjschwei SR 115881 SR Maintainer has implementation issues with comments #UsrMerge to mark changes that should be removed later once the project is complete. Additionally concerns about systemd viability were voiced.
initviocons-0.5-91.1.2 /bin/initviocons, rjschwei SR 105729 2012-02-17 SR 105786 2012-02-20
insserv-1.14.0-33.1.2 /sbin/insserv, rjschwei SR 108505 SR SR declined due to FHS concerns by package owner. However, the move of binaries to the /usr tree does not violate the FHS.
iproute2-2.6.39-3.2.2 /bin/ip, /sbin/ip, rjschwei SR 108500 2012-03-08 SR 108511 2012-03-09
iputils-s20101006-12.1.2 /bin/ipg, /bin/ping6, /bin/ping, /sbin/arping, /sbin/tracepath, /sbin/ifenslave, /sbin/clockdiff, /sbin/tracepath6, /sbin/in.rdisc, rjschwei SR 105600 2012-02-17 SR 105788 2012-02-21
kbd-1.15.3-5.1.2 /bin/psfgettable, /bin/psfaddtable, /bin/psfstriptable, /bin/setlogcons, /bin/spawn_console, /bin/deallocvt, /bin/kbd_mode, /bin/unicode_start, /bin/openvt, /bin/setkeycodes, /bin/getkeycodes, /bin/psfxtable, /bin/setvesablank, /bin/setfont, /bin/chvt, /bin/screendump, /bin/unicode_stop, /bin/showkey, /bin/kbdrate, /bin/loadkeys, /bin/kbdinfo, /bin/outpsfheader, /bin/setmetamode, /bin/getunimap, /bin/testutf8, /bin/setleds, /bin/fgconsole, /bin/mapscrn, /bin/setvtrgb, /bin/showconsolefont, /bin/loadunimap, /bin/dumpkeys, /bin/clrunimap, /bin/guess_encoding, /bin/spawn_login, /bin/setpalette, /sbin/rckbd, /sbin/fbtest, rjschwei SR 114875 2012-05-08 SR 116698 2012-05-09
kexec-tools-2.0.2-9.1.3 /sbin/kdump, /sbin/kexec, rjschwei SR 114880 2012-05-17 SR 121296
keyutils-1.5.3-2.1.2 /bin/keyctl, /sbin/key.dns_resolver, /sbin/request-key, not claimed SR SR
klogd-1.4.1-750.747.2 /sbin/klogd, rjschwei SR 115922 SR Maintainer does not agree with usr merge goals
kmod /bin/kmod, /bin/lsmod rjschwei SR 108736 2012-03-10 SR 108783 2012-03-13
kpartx-0.4.8-65.1.3 /sbin/kpartx, /sbin/activate_dm_linear, not claimed SR SR
ksh-93t-204.1.3 /bin/ksh93, /bin/ksh, not claimed SR SR
libacl1-2.2.51-4.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libaio-0.3.109-5.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libapparmor-devel-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libapparmor1-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 /lib64/libapparmor.a, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/libimmunix.a, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libattr1-2.4.46-5.1.5 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libaudit1-2.1.1-15.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libaudit1-32bit-2.1.1-15.1.2 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libblkid1-2.20.1-1.8.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libbz2-1-1.0.6-14.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR Binaries moved, no tracking entry
libcap-ng0-0.6.6-4.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libcap2-2.22-2.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libcap2-32bit-2.22-2.1.4 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libcom_err2-1.41.14-10.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, rjschwei SR 113288 2012-04-11 SR 113290 2012-04-18
libcryptsetup1-1.3.1-6.4.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libdaemon0-0.14-5.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libexpat1-2.0.1-109.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libexpat1-32bit-2.0.1-109.1.4 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libext2fs2-1.41.14-10.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, rjschwei SR 113288 2012-04-11 SR 113290 2012-04-18
libfreebl3-3.13.1-9.11.1 /lib64/libfreebl3.chk, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libfuse2-2.8.5-16.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, rjschwei SR 105428 SR
libgcc46-32bit-4.6.2_20111026-1.1.4 /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libgcc46-4.6.2_20111026-1.1.4 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libgcrypt11-1.5.0-2.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libgpg-error0-1.10-2.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libgssglue1-0.3-2.1.6 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libgssglue1-32bit-0.3-2.1.6 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libgudev-1_0-0-173-3.3.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libkeyutils1-1.5.3-2.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libkeyutils1-32bit-1.5.3-2.1.2 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
liblzma5-5.0.3-8.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
liblzo2-2-2.06-2.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libmount1-2.20.1-1.8.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libncurses5-32bit-5.8-5.1.4 /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libncurses5-5.8-5.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libncurses6-5.8-5.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libnl-1_1-1.1-58.1.3 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libnscd-2.0.2-123.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libnscd-32bit-2.0.2-123.1.2 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libntfs-3g81-2011.4.12-3.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libopenssl1_0_0-1.0.0e-34.3.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libopenssl1_0_0-32bit-1.0.0e-34.3.1 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libpcre0-32bit-8.13-2.1.2 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libpcre0-8.13-2.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libpcreposix0-8.13-2.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libpopt0-1.16-9.7.5 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libreadline6-6.2-1.8.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libselinux1-2.0.91-14.1.12 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libselinux1-32bit-2.0.91-14.1.12 /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libsemanage1-2.0.43-17.1.32 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libsepol1-2.0.41-12.1.30 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libtirpc1-0.2.2-13.1.6 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libtirpc1-32bit-0.2.2-13.1.6 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libudev0-173-3.3.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libusb-0_1-4-0.1.13-14.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libusb-1_0-0-1.0.8-9.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libustr-1_0-1-1.0.4-20.1.6 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libuuid1-2.20.1-1.8.1 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
libuuid1-32bit-2.20.1-1.8.1 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
libxcrypt-3.0.4-11.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
login-4.0-11.1.2 /bin/login, not claimed SR SR
lvm2-2.02.84-19.5.1 /sbin/pvresize, /sbin/vgsplit, /sbin/pvs, /sbin/vgextend, /sbin/vgchange, /sbin/lvmdiskscan, /sbin/lvdisplay, /sbin/pvchange, /sbin/pvscan, /sbin/vgremove, /sbin/lvmsadc, /sbin/lvresize, /sbin/vgs, /sbin/lvmchange, /sbin/vgreduce, /sbin/vgcfgbackup, /sbin/vgmerge, /sbin/pvdisplay, /sbin/lvconvert, /sbin/vgcreate, /sbin/pvmove, /sbin/lvscan, /sbin/vgimport, /sbin/lvremove, /sbin/lvrename, /sbin/pvck, /sbin/vgexport, /sbin/pvcreate, /sbin/lvreduce, /sbin/lvs, /sbin/lvchange, /sbin/vgscan, /sbin/vgmknodes, /sbin/lvmsar, /sbin/vgck, /sbin/lvextend, /sbin/lvcreate, /sbin/vgconvert, /sbin/vgcfgrestore, /sbin/pvremove, /sbin/vgdisplay, /sbin/vgrename, /sbin/lvm, /sbin/fsadm, /sbin/lvmdump, /sbin/vgimportclone, /sbin/lvmconf, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
mailx-12.5-2.1.3 /bin/mail, not claimed SR SR
mdadm-3.2.2-4.1.2 /sbin/mdadm, /sbin/mdmon, not claimed SR SR
microcode_ctl-1.17-130.1.2 /sbin/microcode_ctl, not claimed SR SR
mingetty-1.0.8s-11.1.2 /sbin/mingetty, not claimed SR SR
mkinitrd-2.7.0-39.3.1 /bin/lsinitrd, /sbin/installkernel, /sbin/mkinitrd_setup, /sbin/module_upgrade, /sbin/mkinitrd, /sbin/purge-kernels, not claimed SR SR
module-init-tools-3.13-4.1.2 /bin/lsmod, /sbin/modinfo, /sbin/lsmod, /sbin/modprobe, /sbin/rmmod, /sbin/insmod, /sbin/depmod, not claimed SR SR
multipath-tools-0.4.8-65.1.3 /sbin/multipath, /sbin/multipathd, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
net-tools-1.60-751.1.2 /bin/dnsdomainname, /bin/domainname, /bin/hostname, /bin/netstat, /sbin/ipmaddr, /sbin/route, /sbin/slattach, /sbin/ifconfig, /sbin/plipconfig, /sbin/arp, /sbin/rarp, /sbin/nameif, /sbin/iptunnel, not claimed SR SR
nfs-client-1.2.5-4.3.1 /sbin/umount.nfs, /sbin/mount.nfs4, /sbin/umount.nfs4, /sbin/mount.nfs, not claimed SR SR
nss-mdns-0.10-52.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
nss-mdns-32bit-0.10-52.1.2 /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
ntfs-3g-2011.4.12-3.1.2 /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g, /sbin/mount.lowntfs-3g, /sbin/mount.ntfs, not claimed SR SR
ntfsprogs-2011.4.12-3.1.2 /sbin/mkfs.ntfs, not claimed SR SR
open-iscsi-2.0.870-41.39.2 /sbin/iscsi-gen-initiatorname, /sbin/iscsi-iname, /sbin/iscsi_discovery, /sbin/iscsiadm, /sbin/iscsid, /sbin/rciscsid, not claimed SR SR
pam-1.1.4-9.2.2 /sbin/pam_tally2, /sbin/unix_chkpwd, /sbin/pam_tally, /sbin/mkhomedir_helper, /sbin/unix_update, /sbin/pam_timestamp_check, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
pam-32bit-1.1.4-9.2.2 /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
pam-modules-12.1-5.3.1 /sbin/unix2_chkpwd, not claimed SR SR
pam_mount-2.12-2.1.3 /sbin/mount.crypt, /sbin/mount.crypt_LUKS, /sbin/mount.crypto_LUKS, /sbin/umount.crypt, /sbin/umount.crypt_LUKS, /sbin/umount.crypto_LUKS, not claimed SR SR
pciutils-3.1.7-13.1.2 /sbin/setpci, /sbin/lspci, /sbin/update-pciids, /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
perl-Bootloader-0.5.22-2.1.2 /sbin/update-bootloader, not claimed SR SR
polkit-default-privs-12.1-10.11.1 /sbin/chkstat-polkit, /sbin/set_polkit_default_privs, not claimed SR SR
popt-devel-1.16-9.7.5 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
postfix-2.8.7-3.7.1 /sbin/rcpostfix, not claimed SR SR
procps-3.2.8-42.39.1 /bin/ps, /bin/pgrep, /bin/pkill, /sbin/sysctl, not claimed SR SR
psmisc-22.14-10.1.2 /bin/fuser, not claimed SR SR
rpcbind-0.2.0_git201007131952-17.1.2 /sbin/rpcbind, /sbin/rcrpcbind, /sbin/rpcinfo, /sbin/pmap_set2, not claimed SR SR
rpm- /bin/rpm, not claimed SR SR
rsyslog-5.8.5-6.1.2 /sbin/rsyslogd, not claimed SR SR
samba-client-3.6.1-34.3.1 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
samba-client-32bit-3.6.1-34.3.1 /lib/, not claimed SR SR
samba-winbind-3.6.1-34.3.1 /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
samba-winbind-32bit-3.6.1-34.3.1 /lib/, not claimed SR SR
sash-3.7-183.1.3 /bin/sash, not claimed SR SR
sed-4.2.1-5.1.2 /bin/sed, rjschwei SR 103027 2012-02-07 SR 103041 2012-02-10
setserial-2.17-727.1.2 /bin/setserial, rjschwei SR 105711 2012-02-20 SR 106101 2012-02-21
sysconfig-0.75.4-2.2.2 /sbin/ifstatus-dhcp, /sbin/ifdown, /sbin/ifup, /sbin/ifrenew-dhcp, /sbin/ifprobe, /sbin/ifdown-dhcp, /sbin/ifrenew, /sbin/ifstatus, /sbin/rcnetwork, /sbin/netconfig, /sbin/autoip, /sbin/ifup-dhcp, /sbin/ifuser, not claimed SR SR
sysfsutils-2.1.0-142.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
syslog-service-1.4.1-750.747.2 /sbin/rcsyslog, not claimed SR SR
systemd-37-3.6.1 /bin/systemd-notify, /bin/systemd, /bin/systemd-machine-id-setup, /bin/systemd-loginctl, /bin/systemd-ask-password, /bin/systemctl, /bin/systemd-tmpfiles, /bin/systemd-tty-ask-password-agent, not claimed SR SR
systemd-sysvinit-37-3.6.1 /sbin/reboot, /sbin/poweroff, /sbin/telinit, /sbin/halt, /sbin/shutdown, /sbin/init, /sbin/runlevel, not claimed SR SR
sysvinit-2.88+-66.58.2 /sbin/sysvinit, not claimed SR SR
sysvinit-tools-2.88+-66.58.2 /bin/pidof, /bin/fsync, /bin/mountpoint, /bin/usleep, /sbin/checkproc, /sbin/start_daemon, /sbin/killproc, /sbin/startproc, /sbin/pidof, /sbin/isserial, /sbin/setconsole, /sbin/pidofproc, /sbin/blogger, /sbin/startpar, /sbin/rvmtab, /sbin/sulogin, /sbin/mkill, /sbin/fstab-decode, /sbin/powerd, /sbin/killall5, /sbin/blogd, /sbin/detectups, /sbin/showconsole, /sbin/vhangup, not claimed SR SR
tar-1.26-5.3.1 /bin/tar, not claimed SR SR
tcpd-32bit-7.6-870.1.2 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
tcpd-7.6-870.1.2 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
tcsh-6.17.02-13.1.2 /bin/csh, /bin/tcsh, rjschwei SR 103753 SR SR declined due to FHS concerns by package owner. However, the move of binaries to the /usr tree does not violate the FHS.
udev-173-3.3.1 /sbin/udevadm, /sbin/udevd, not claimed SR SR
udhcp-0.9.8-13.1.3 /sbin/udhcpc, rjschwei SR 115764 2012-05-03 SR 116314 2012-05-08
udisks-1.0.4-2.1.3 /sbin/umount.udisks, not claimed SR SR
util-linux-2.20.1-1.8.1 /bin/dmesg, /bin/lsblk, /bin/logger, /bin/mount, /bin/findmnt, /bin/more, /bin/umount, /sbin/hwclock, /sbin/mkfs.cramfs, /sbin/blockdev, /sbin/fdisk, /sbin/swapoff, /sbin/raw, /sbin/swapon, /sbin/blkid, /sbin/mkfs.minix, /sbin/pivot_root, /sbin/mkfs, /sbin/losetup, /sbin/wipefs, /sbin/agetty, /sbin/swaplabel, /sbin/adjtimex, /sbin/elvtune, /sbin/cfdisk, /sbin/mkswap, /sbin/findfs, /sbin/switch_root, /sbin/fsck.minix, /sbin/fstrim, /sbin/fsfreeze, /sbin/sfdisk, /sbin/mkfs.bfs, /sbin/nologin, /sbin/fsck.cramfs, /sbin/ctrlaltdel, /sbin/fsck, rjschwei SR 108417 2012-03-13 SR 109174 -> 112071 2012-04-02 /bin/login remains due to issues with root login
vim-7.3-22.3.1 /bin/vim-normal, not claimed SR SR
vim-base-7.3-22.3.1 /bin/ex, /bin/vi, /bin/vim, not claimed SR SR
vlan-1.9-127.1.3 /sbin/vconfig, rjschwei SR 102395 2012-02-01 SR 102467 2012-02-06
xfsdump-3.0.1-12.1.2 /sbin/xfsdump, /sbin/xfsrestore, rjschwei SR 102946, 107634 2012-02-08, 2012-03-01 SR 103352, 107669 2012-02-23, 2012-03-02
xfsprogs-3.1.6-2.1.2 /sbin/fsck.xfs, /sbin/mkfs.xfs, /sbin/xfs_repair, /lib64/, /lib64/, rjschwei SR 102947 2012-02-15 SR 105235 2012-02-23
yast2-2.21.24-2.1.2 /sbin/ZaST2, /sbin/YaST, /sbin/zast, /sbin/yast, /sbin/ZaST, /sbin/YaST2, /sbin/zast2, /sbin/yast2, /sbin/save_y2logs, not claimed SR SR
yast2-metapackage-handler-0.8.14-2.1.1 /sbin/OneClickInstallUI, /sbin/OCICLI, /sbin/OneClickInstallUrlHandler, /sbin/OneClickInstallCLI, not claimed SR SR
yp-tools-2.12-9.1.3 /bin/ypdomainname, /bin/nisdomainname, rjschwei SR 102699 2012-02-17 SR 105739 2012-02-20
zlib-1.2.5_git201105272030-20.1.4 /lib64/, /lib64/, not claimed SR SR
zlib-32bit-1.2.5_git201105272030-20.1.4 /lib/, /lib/, not claimed SR SR
zsh-4.3.12-6.1.2 /bin/zsh, not claimed SR SR
  • Initial package list based on 12.1 (not all packages installed)


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