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openSUSE:TexasLinuxFest 2012

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The openSUSE Project will be hosting a booth and giving a talk at Texas Linuxfest 2012. After the event, people will not only remember The Alamo, they'll also remember openSUSE!

  • When - 3-4 August, 2012
  • Where - San Antonio, TX
  • Website - TXLF Site

Proposed Presentations edit

  • openSUSE: It's not just a distro!
    • Presenter: Bryen Yunashko

Venue Informtion edit

  • Approximately 400 attendees expected. New venue location!
  • Booth reservations secured by Bryen Yunashko
  • Booth Sponsorship = $0
    • We are awaiting details about booth specifications
    • Electrical power - $?
  • All staff must register for event.

Booth Setup edit

  • PromoDVDs
    • Chuck has DVDs in stock for the event.
  • Booth background banner w/ stand
  • Summit front banner w/ stand
  • Paper materials - Bryen will bring
    • openSUSE Summit postcards
    • openSUSE brochures
    • openSUSE round stickers
    • openSUSE laptop stickers
  • Two laptops to demonstrate GNOME and KDE

Event Report

To be completed after event