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openSUSE:Summit room board

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The rooms at the hotel where the openSUSE Summit will take place are a bit on the pricy side. You can save some cash by sharing a room, however. This also gives you a chance to get to know some other people a bit better!

Each room can accommodate 4 people and room mates are responsible to work out the details of payment amongst themselves. If you have to fight over the beds please make sure no pictures get posted in the wild. Feel free to use the table below to help coordinate with your potential room mates. Add your name if you are looking to share a room with someone - or pick someone who already added themselves to share a room with them! You will have to talk to each other to coordinate things thus it is a good idea to leave you e-mail address or IRC handle.

The SUSE rate for the hotel is US $139, which works out to be US $156.37 with tax, and it's valid for single or double occupancy for reservations made until October 11, 2013. For more than 2 people per room there is an extra charge of $15 per night, per adult.

Find your room mate!

Add your name below to a group or create a new one.

Group name Gender Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4
Crazy Geekos . . . . .
Green Crazies . . . . .
Awesome Apes . . . . .