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  • added =Cks: key
  • added freshens
  • added supplements


Header keywords

The cache file starts with a header defining the version.

Keyword Value Comment
=Ver 2.0 The old (common.pkd) format was 1.1, this one is 2.0

The old Encoding tag is not needed any more since the package data file is ASCII and does not contain any language-specific data.

Package entry keywords

Keyword Value Comment
=Pkg name version release architecture These four values identify a package unambiguously and are used as a key
tags required for installation
tags tags required before installation
tags tags provided
tags tags conflicting
tags obsoleted
tags recommended
tags suggested
tags freshens
tags supplements
tags enhances
=Loc media_nr filename[ path] location of the package file
path is optional and defaults to <DATADIR>/<arch>/<filename>
(see media description for <DATADIR>)
=Siz pkgsize instsize size in bytes
=Tim buildtime build time in time_t format
=Vnd vendor Package vendor (falls back to the source vendor if not present or empty).
=Src name version release architecture of source package
architecture must be src or nosrc
If architecture in the Pkg line already is src or nosrc, the
=Grp rpmgroup
=Lic license
=Cks type checksum type can be SHA1 or MD5 followed by the checksum
=Shr name version release architecture of another package.
All values not explicitly set in the current package entry are shared with the mentioned package.
Useful e.g. for optimized versions of the same
keywords coming from package database


 =Pkg: 3ddiag 0.494 16 i586
 rpmlib(PayloadIsBzip2) <= 3.0.5-1
 rpmlib(PayloadIsBzip2) <= 3.0.5-1
 =Loc: 1 3ddiag-0.494-16.i586.rpm
 =Siz: 27958 64932
 =Tim: 1028715372
 =Src: 3ddiag 0.494 16 src
 =Grp: System/Base
 =Lic: GPL
 Stefan Dirsch <>