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openSUSE:Standards Rpm Metadata patterns

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Repomd Pattern Format

The pattern format is almost identical to the usual packages format (as used in primary.xml) except

  • the enclosing XML is <pattern> instead of <package>

An example of such a pattern file can be found in the Build service tutorial.

Patterns support some additional elements:

  • <order>: A number used for the sorting order in UI
  • <extends>: Tell the UI, that this pattern extend another pattern. Subelements are <item pattern=""> .
  • <includes>: The opposite of extends
  • <icon>: The name of the icon to show in the UI
  • <category lang="lang">: A Category name used in the UI
  • <summary lang="lang">: Short Title for this pattern
  • <description lang="lang">: Long description for this subscription
<patterns xmlns:rpm="" 
  <version epoch="0" ver="11" rel="38.5" />
  <summary lang="en">Base System</summary>
  <summary lang="de">Basissystem</summary>
  <description lang="en">This is the base runtime system.  
It contains only a minimal multiuser booting system. 
For running on real hardware, you need to add additional 
packages and pattern to make this pattern useful on its own.
  <description lang="de">Hierbei handelt es sich um das 
grundlegende Laufzeitsystem. Es bietet lediglich ein 
Minimal-Boot-System fĂźr mehrere Benutzer. FĂźr die 
AusfĂźhrung auf Hardware, die in der Praxis eingesetzt wird,
mĂźssen weitere Pakete und Schemata hinzugefĂźgt werden, 
damit dieses Schema eigenständig genutzt werden kann.
  <category lang="en">Base Technologies</category>
  <category lang="de">Basistechnologien</category>
    <rpm:entry name="pattern:desktop-base"/>
    <rpm:entry name="pattern:basesystem"/>
    <rpm:entry name="bzip2"/>
    <rpm:entry name="util-linux"/>
    <rpm:entry name="cups-libs"/>
    <rpm:entry name="mutt"/>
<!-- ...more... -->
    <rpm:entry name="pattern:Minimal"/>
    <rpm:entry name="eject"/>
    <rpm:entry name="libzio"/>
    <rpm:entry name="ppp"/>
    <rpm:entry name="kdump"/>
<!-- ...more...-->
    <rpm:entry name="SuSEfirewall2"/>
  <version epoch="0" ver="11" rel="38.5" />
  <summary lang="en">base-32bit</summary>
  <category lang="en">Base Technologies</category>
    <rpm:entry name="pattern:32bit"/>
    <rpm:entry name="yast2-add-on-32bit"/>
    <rpm:entry name="libcom_err2-32bit"/>
    <rpm:entry name="gpm-32bit"/>
<!-- ...more...-->
    <rpm:entry name="mutt-32bit"/>
    <item pattern="32bit"/>
    <item pattern="33bit"/>