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openSUSE:Rolling Factory

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Rolling Factory



Rolling Factory is a rolling distribution based on Factory. The main motivation behind it is to have a dynamic distribution which is easily and continuously upgradable, which gets updates and fixes quickly delivered to its users and whose stability is also kept under control thanks to the use of openQA.

Since keeping a distribution stable is usually a problem in such a fast paced environment, the concept of staging projects was added to OBS as well as a deep integration with openQA. In the next sections we'll cover these features.


This is the workflow that was proposed months ago to use in Rolling Factory. In the following days this page will be updated with the documentation of the current implementation.

The most important change with respect to the usual Factory workflow is that after the automatic reviewing is done, a technical reviewer evaluates if a change needs more effort to be integrated into Factory. For example, if a change in a library breaks many applications and thus it's better to sent to Factory all of the changes at the same time (to the library and to the applications). In order to provide a stable enough Factory, openSUSE introduced Staging Project and openQA to recognize the quality of Factory.