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July, 24th of, Saturday

5-6 attendees.

The main thread running across the event was: fragmentation.

Community hub

1. Discourse may play an important role in curbing openSUSE's fragmentation ; Attila will ask the heroes if:

  • we can avoid packaging
  • we can avoid avoid migrating data
  • if the issue is to avoid licensing issues, that should be said

2. connect-o-o is reaching retirement; perhaps we sohuld consider replacing certain social features with badges (Fedora Badges, something made in-house) in case they cannot be reproduced on Discourse

  • even if they can be reproduced, making them independent of Discourse is good for sustainability

Spreading the world

Activities -- no matter how improvised -- should systematically be sent as announcements to all the relevant channels (news-o-o, the Telegram news channel, r/openSUSE)

  • Jens, Martin and Adrien are working towards this goal with a community API


If teams used Pagure, that would make their activities automatically more discoverable to interested contributors, and ensure better updates than the wikis

  • better: setup teams connecting new users to contribution points (cf. Fedora Join)
  • perhaps a strategy for motivating teams to turn a nice face to the community would be to offer them to document their worlflow and products