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openSUSE:People of openSUSE the way of 12.1

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The way of 12.1 - A documentary the openSUSE way

The people of openSUSE series gives you a regular view inside our community and presents you a handfull of people, who made openSUSE possible.

But beside this, there is much more work in doing a whole release. From the 14th of May until the release of 12.1 in the November of 2011, a people of openSUSE Special is working in progress.

The special works kinda like a movie. Imagine, that the normal people of openSUSE series is a TV-show like The Simpsons or Family Guy. The way of 12.1 is the movie, which is planned beside the normal series-routine.

So, we´re collecting material for now and in the end, a documentary should be the result of our work.

For anyone who´s interesting in it now, just contribute material for the documentary. You can share your opinions here and give some links to work that had been done or mailinglist posts.

Please use the following space for it:


Have a lot of Fun!