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openSUSE:Osc11 GNOME3 Integration BoF

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Those are the notes of the GNOME 3 Integration BoF that was held during the openSUSE Conference 2011.


  • we're waiting for the default background from the artwork team
  • a few people suggested using the sonar theme by default (since there's a GTK+ 3 port). First tests show that it might not be ready, though.
  • Garrett wrote a gnome-shell theme; could be something to investigate.

Potential improvements

  • Fallback mode should be improved a bit for easier migration (gnome-main-menu should really be ported, for instance)
  • Discussion about installing the shutdown/power-off extension by default. Current proposal is to have it on non-laptop hardware (since suspend is less likely to be used there).
  • Add a yast icon inside gnome-control-center to make the yast shell more discoverable.
  • Improve search in overview: most used apps should appear first, and having to type 3 characters is a bit annoying (no "f" to start firefox)


  • Fallback mode is apparently not detected in VNC.