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openSUSE Meeting Italy 2014 - Settimo Torinese (TO)

This is the first Italian openSUSE Meeting - Settimo Torinese (TO)

General Information

 Event website openSUSE Meeting Italy 2014 Settimo Torinese
 * Location: Biblioteca Civica Multimediale Archimede - Piazza Campidoglio, 50
 * Date: December 13th 2014
   ** Booth Setup: December 13th 2014
   ** End: December 13th 2014
 * Opening Times: 10:00 AM
 * How many attendees does the event have? 100
 * Who is organizing this event? GLugTo, FSUGItalia, Biblioteca Multimediale Archimede with the participation of LibreItalia
 * What are the target visitors for this event? students/IT professionals/FOSS contributors/FOSS users/newbies/etc
 * Registration required? Yes [1]
 * Who is organizing this event from openSUSE? Alexjan Carraturo Marina Latini

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What will be there


Social media:

Attendees, presence and travel info

reimbursement needs*
Helps at booth
Gives a talk (about)
Alexjan Carraturo Milan Saturday 9:00 Saturday 19:00 No No Of course I help at booth!
Marina Latini Milan Saturday 9:00 Saturday 19:00 No No Of course I help at booth!


How much?
laptop Alexjan Carraturo 1
ST-Ericsson Snowball board Alexjan Carraturo 1
ST SPEAr 320 evaluation board Alexjan Carraturo 1
laptop Marina Latini 1

Required from the international team:

# booth kits
# t-shirts
# other things?
1 0 small booth pack (received)

After the Event

OSm14 it // Event report edit

  • About the visitors:
    • What kind of people come to the event?
    • How technical is the event?
    • How much is it about 'open source'?
  • Attendance Details
    • Tell us about the event
    • Did you have a booth and how did that work?
    • Did we meet noteworthy people?
      • follow-up needed?
  • What can we improve for the future...
    • Would you go again?
    • What more can you do to make it better?
    • Other Comments, like:
    • The booth/team operating well?
    • Any interesting topic you heard:
    • Any feedback from outside:

Talking points

  • Were you aware of talking points ?
  • and if so, is there anything to improve? If not, how can we ensure people DO know about these?


The posters have three goals:

  1. get people intrigued
  2. draw them to our booth to ask questions
  3. give something to our advocates to talk about to booth visitors


  • did you see people read the posters?
  • did they lead to questions, did ppl come to the booth?
  • did/can the booth people use the poster texts as 'talking points'?
  • anything else?

Flyers The flyers have three goals:

  1. give people something they can take home to study and find links to further information (we used to have people photograph the posters, that is why the flyers have the same information on them!)
  2. get people intrigued and get them to ask questions
  3. give something to our ambassadors to talk about to booth visitors


  • did people take the flyers, read them?
  • did they lead to questions?
  • did/can the booth people use the flyers as 'talking points'?
  • anything else?

More stuff

  • We also have DVD's, stickers and pluche geeko's and t-shirts. We know the pluche geeko's are popular. How about the DVD's, T-shirts, stickers and other things? Do you think they're worth the effort? Can we improve? What do others do?

Common Questions Asked edit

Please tell us what commonly asked questions you've got!

  • Question 1

OSm14 it Presentations edit

  • What talks did openSUSE give
    • name, topic,
      • was it well attended?
      • link to slides
      • link to video
  • did we do a BoF
    • topic, attendees, results
  • did we do a workshop?
    • number of attendees

Recordings of the event edit

(more recordings or links to pictures)