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openSUSE:OSCON 2012

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The openSUSE Project will be guests of OSCON's NonProfit Pavilion with three days of exhibit hall time. We will be joining 15 other dotOrgs in the Pavilion.

  • When - 18-20 July, 2012
  • Where - Portland, OR
  • Website - OSCON Site

Accepted Presentations edit


Venue Informtion edit

  • This is a large-scale event with thousands expected to attend
  • Booth reservations secured by Bryen Yunashko
  • Booth Sponsorship = $0
    • We are awaiting details about booth specifications
    • Electrical power will be additional
  • Space = 8'x8' with standard 6' table
  • Two Event Passes available for Staff
    • Any additional volunteers will have to pay for pass

Booth Setup edit

  • PromoDVDs to be shipped by Alan Clark
  • Booth Banner requires redesign
      • All materials required to be ON table and nowhere else. We cannot use our backdrop banner here.
    • Table will be four feet wide and counter-top height.
  • We will ship openSUSE brochures
  • We will ship openSUSE Summit postcards
  • We will ship stickers.
  • We will ship Summit poster in place of Summit banner.
  • Additional marketing materials subject to availability

Event Report

To be completed after event