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News & Communities

A team working on improving cross-communities bonds and information flow. GitHub:


They are carried out on the following platforms:


  • bi-weekly
  • newsletter
  • featuring users, communities, practices, activities, events and news
  • about openSUSE distributions and community cultures
  • pleasant to read on any screen type
  • from any place around the world
  • designed to facilitate knowledge transfer, build technical skills, and share passion
  • to improve diversity in openSUSE.

Minimal conditions for survival

These conditions must be met for the project to continue existing:

Translation (both directions with English)

  • Indonesian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian


  • 1 person proficient with image editing
  • 1 person proficient with reviewing and correcting texts in English
    • got in touch: William Brown from wbrown at suse dot de


  • 2 writers to create new content or rework already available contents


  • 1 person for installing, setting up and maintaining a static content generator
  • 1 person for creating, editing and maintaining templates

Requirements (web version)

The web version of the newsletter meets the requirements just in case it:

  • can render the entire content of a single issue in any language as a single page
  • looks nice on mobile screens and has low network footprint
  • supports language versioning (switching from one language to the next re-renders everything in the target langage)
  • is platform or service agnostic (so that it's very easy to migrate)
  • supports full-text search across issues



It is FOSS and web-based; it allows you to design 'realistic' mockups / prototypes. Very useful for demoing things before turning to dedicated tools.

Adobe Spark

It is not FOSS, although it is useful for reference.

Delivery/publishing options:

  1. Upload to a website
  2. Publish to social media
  3. Email the subscribers

Polotno Studio

Somehow, an open-source alternative to Adobe Spark. It's use Polotno SDK


Example of a bikweekly newsletter

Imagine something like this, pushed by email or RSS webfeed or web push notification:

 March 01  # 1 - openSUSE news & communities biweekly newsletter
       - learn how to git
       - useful zypper commands
       - openSUSE foundation founded!
       - news & communities first issue!
    People & communities
       - Spotlight on: Geekos Daw to be featured in Teatro alla Scala
       - Art & tech: Indonesian community will surprise you!
       - Success story: How did the Brazilian community manage to beat the main openSUSE telegram group in number of users?
       - Focus: Who is < user name here> and what does they do for a living?
    Future events
       - FOSSDEM '21 around the corner
       - pizza party for celebrating release 1.0 of the new docs

Ready to process

Call for contributions to Issue #1

To do

  • wanted: native English speaking person to voiceover video by Ivo on 10 reasons to switch to openSUSE distributions

Archives of outgoing posts