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openSUSE:Most annoying bugs 13.1

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This is excerpt from bugzilla for most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds.

Running System

  • Bug #841542
    • Symptoms: Some applications have a different look than others in LXDE
    • Problem: PCManFM and other apps don't use the selected theme in "Customize Look and Feel"
    • Workaround: see comment #6 and #8 in the bug report page.
  • Bug #848748
    • Symptoms: The xf86-video-intel driver shows black artifacts while scrolling in firefox or crashes when using Empathy.
    • Problem: The xf86-video-intel driver in 13.1 uses the newer SNA acceleration by default, which is not that stable.
    • Workaround: SDB:Switch_xf86-video-intel_to_UXA
  • Bug #876503
    • Symptoms: After updating screen to version 4.2 it's not possible to attach to a running 4.0 session.
    • Problem: Upstream changed the message format with this major update.
    • Workaround #1: Lock the screen package as long as you need to keep old sessions running.
    • Workaround #2: The 4.2 update was canceled, so just reinstalled the original screen 4.0 package.


  • Bug #801311
    • Symptoms: YaST only displays partial translations in GTK UI.
    • Problem: The Gtk UI loads some translations from a wrong directory, moreover the gtk.po translations are not complete.
    • Workaround: Wait for a maintenance update.


  • Bug #857372
    • Symptoms: Printing on network printers broken
    • Problem: Systemd socket activation does not work
    • Workaround: Start cups manually



  • Bug #849752
    • Symptoms: If a name for a RAID is entered for an essential filesystem other than '/', the system does not start up (blank screen after Grub2).
    • Problem: A technical detail of the RAID command "mdadm" and how it uses the hostname in addition to the supplied name.
    • Workaround: Leave the field "RAID Name (optional)" blank.