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openSUSE:Most annoying bugs 12.3

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This is excerpt from bugzilla for most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds.

Running System

  • Bug #808319 OpenGL applications report that they cannot operate /dev/nvidiactl. Or GNOME only showing a blank screen with a mouse pointer. (NVIDIA driver being installed)
    • Workaround: Add local users to video group
  • Bug #821889 cifstab and cifs init script missing in samba-client package
    • Symptoms: /etc/samba/cifstab and /etc/init.d/cifs are missing after the samba-client package got updated.
    • Problem: Formerly configured shares are not mounted while the system starts up.
    • Workaround: Update the cifs-utils package and move configured mount points from /etc/samba/cifstab.rpmsave to /etc/samba/cifstab.


  • Bug #809119 ssh installation blocked by SuSEFirewall service
    • Symptoms: During 2nd stage of ssh installation, YaST freezes.
    • Problem: It's blocked by SuSEFirewall service. Environment variable SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS that should prevent such behavior is not set.
    • Workaround: When logged in for second time to start 2nd stage of installation, call
SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS=--ignore-dependencies yast.ssh

instead of plain yast.ssh