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openSUSE:Marketing BOF 2010

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This page is for people to submit their topics to discuss at the openSUSE Conference 2010 Marketing BoF on Thursday, 21st October, 17:00 in room Sachs. We request that even if you cannot make it to the conference, you submit your topics for discussion and we will do our best to provide a summary of the event afterward.

Enter topics or questions below:

  • As I said before,openSUSE project discovered community late,at list later than other Projects or Distributions,how should we move in order to catch up with them?

How should we learn from the others mistakes and is there really a reason for something like that or we should think outside of the box and take roads less traveled recruiting our creativity to the maximum?

  • How should we interact with other project-distribution communities?
  • I noticed that the Fedora ambassadors got OLPC's plus other goodies in order to support their project promoting every single thing their project is related in.We were part of the OLPC Project too,right?
  • Can someone tell us about what resources are available? I mean when you are in a school presenting openSUSE to parents it is crucial to let them see your social work.they tend to become more sensitive and hear you more carefully after that . When you are on an event you have to have plenty of material on your stand,you also need banners and other such things because that is what attracts people at first,after that keeping them or pulling them away depends on their needs and the abilities of the Ambassador.I could expand but i believe you understand my point.
  • I don't know if the following is a question about Marketing but I believe it is related so...
  1. We here in Greece found some contributors and they are ready to start adapting LIFE for our needs adding resources from our Ministry of education,now when we complete this can someone help us make it more beautiful and more playful so it will attract more children s attention and be different than the other similar OS?

Konstantinos (Kostas) Koudaras

  • Well I have a few ideas in mind which can be worth discussing
    • Increased use of social media ( how do we do that? )
    • Coming up with something like askubuntu?
    • Identifying emerging open source regions like India, Brazil and how to promote it?
    • Is it possible to have an openSUSE summer of code such as GSOC or fedora?

Manugupt1 08:37, 20 October 2010 (MDT)