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openSUSE:Maintenance/Technical Documentation

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1. Put some content on en.opensuse.org/Maintenance

I put a little overview on the page. I think we should complete it.

2. Announce the group to the public forum / mailing lists and inform the opensuse board

I send a notification mail to the mailing lists: announce and project. Does anyone think it is necessary to give here more information and mobilize the community for testing, send update requests, make our work more public, ...?

3. Start to work on a maintenance update policy for 11.2 and publish it

It is an urgent topic. At the moment there is now special openSUSE community policy. As default we can use the old one. This includes updates for:

  • security issues
  • data corruption / data loss
  • dysfunction with a high severity

Suggestions for changes?

4. Documentation how to submit an update

Also an urgent topic. It is still missing. In my suggestion an interesting point is to find technical requirements that are the fundament of the decisions, explain the submit process, ...

5. Overview page of running, in testing and released updates

done. https://build.opensuse.org/maintenance/

Feel free to discuss about the topics and enjoy!