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openSUSE:Launch party coordinates 11.4

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This page is used to store the map data for the Launch parties map, see that page for more information.

To add your coordinates to this page, add a following line:

Read more on obtaining coordinates.


  • do not use spaces before or after your co枚rdinates
  • do not use <br> for adresses in <Description>
  • do not use the "<" and ">" stated in the template use.

Launch Party Coordinates:

49.459717, 11.082589~Nuremberg~openSUSE Release Party, 16th of March 路 19:00 路 Artefakt;

51.534884, 9.937731~G枚ttingen~openSUSE Release Party, 16th of November 路 19:00 路 Nautibar;

52.064131, 5.082997~Utrecht~openSUSE Release Party, 18th of March 路 Novell NL Office;

13.81318, -89.16692~San Salvador~Fiesta de Lanzamiento, ?? of April 路 Casa de kmiloze;

50.098323, 14.43588~Prague~openSUSE Release Party, 25th of March 路 15:00 路 Hackerspace Brmlab;

51.186191, 6.692323~Neuss~openSUSE Release Party, 23th of March 路 18:00 路 fNordeingang Hackerspace Neuss;

40.62000, 22.96830~Thessaloniki~openSUSE Release Party, Argy's Rock Bar;

22.33904, 114.25936~Hong Kong~openSUSE Release Party, March (Date undecided) 路 More info;

14.61821, -90.47807~Guatemala~openSUSE Release Party, Marzo 12;

48.859849, 2.347723~Paris~openSUSE Release Party, 19th of March 路 19:00 路 Flam's Ch芒telet;

40.210270, -111.655681~Provo~openSUSE Release Party, 11th of March 路 12:00 路 SUSE Provo Engineering office;

48.75981, -122.474213~Bellingham, WA~openSUSE Release Party, March 10th, 5pm at The Copper Hog - RSVP on Facebook;

38.03625, 23.748811~Athens, Greece~openSUSE Release Party, April 9th, 22.00 at Egalite - Greek Community blog;