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openSUSE:KDE packaging tasks

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Everybody is welcome to help packaging KDE. Even though the following tasks are assigned to certain people please help by submitting Submit Request to the KDE repos. Please do also subscribe to the opensuse-kde mailinglist and watch out for emails asking for help.

Add your name next to a task. If you cannot fulfill a task temporarily, send and email to opensuse-kde for others to help-out.

If you can think of new tasks, add them here and drop a note on the opensuse-kde mailinglist.



  • Upload KDE SC tarballs and disable publishing
    • Description: KDE allows early access to KDE SC tarballs before they are officially released. These tarballs have to be uploaded to KDE:Distro:Factory. Before you do so, you have to disable publishing for KDF and all repos building against it.
    • Maintainer:
  • Make base packages build
    • Description: Fix all kdebase, kdelibs und kdepimlibs packages
    • Maintainer:
  • Package group KDEPIM
    • Fix all KDEPIM packages (akonadi-runtime, kdepim4, kdepim4-runtime)
  • KDE SC package group 1
    • Fix kdex, kdey
  • KDE SC package group 2
    • Fix kdex, kdey
  • KDE SC package x
  • KDE SC package y


  • Update links to KRxy if KDF builds
    • Disable publishing for KRxy and all repos building against it and update the links.
  • Enable publishing for KDF and KRxy
  • Update IRC channel topic
  • Announce packages on the mailinglist
  • Announce packages on planetkde

KDE apps

  • Calligra
    • Update and fix Calligra packages
  • Digikam
    • Update and fix digikam
  • Package group 1
    • Update and fix app x, app y
  • Scribus - maintained by Peter Linnell (also Scribus Team member)


  • Schedule and announce meeting
    • Schedule a meeting and announce it on the mailinglist x and 1 day before the meeting.