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  • Create/modify splash screens to match SUSE or disable them (Amarok, digiKam, showFoto).
  • Branding for Konqueror man page viewer.


Plasma Netbook

  • Add the lock/log out widget to the panel by default, people can't figure out howto logout/shutdown from the netbook shell. (cb400f)
  • Add a good selection of default "favourites" (e.g. konsole, dolphin, kontact, systemsettings, firefox, oowriter, amarok, kaffeine). (cb400f)
  • Review the default widgets. Knowledge base, OpenDesktop etc. are too KDE-fanboyish, and tend to be annoying because of being useless without authentification. (cb400f)
  • Ship Aurélien Gâteau's plasma-widget-menubar. WidgetRequired patches for Qt (kmi)

Web Browser

  • Use Rekonq as the default web browser. Chakra and Kubuntu 10.10 adopted it with great success.
    The feature matrix below focuses mainly on KDE-related features. For a full feature set (incl. supported web technologies) see Comparison of web browsers on Wikipedia.

Pros and Cons of using Rekonq


  • Fully integrated into KDE’s Workspaces (Themes, KWallet, Bookmarks,...)
  • Nightly builds (from KDE:/Unstable/Playground) are already rock solid
  • Porting Firefox-KDE extension to FF unneeded.
  • Faster JavaScript execution than FF [1]
  • Fits better into the Netbook edition
  • Saves live CD space compared to FF
  • Ad Block, Click to execute Flash, and Web Inspector features are built into Rekonq without any need to fiddle with FF Extensions.


  • Konqueror package needs to be split in order to outsource certain Rekonq-required components without installing all of Konqueror
  • Make sure QtWebKit’s HTML5 audio and video tags work
  • Some web pages are not still well rendered by Webkit engine, some plugins loading may fail in some pages: flash, java...
Comparison of Features (as of Nov. 2009)
  Rendering Engine Uses KDE Theme Uses KDE's Open/Save Windows Uses KDE's Notifications Uses KDE's Bookmarks Uses KDE's Cookie Manager Uses KWallet to Save Passwords
Firefox Gecko Yes / It does via kcm_gtk wrapper with themes Oxygen-molecule or QtCurve Yes Yes No No No / Extension in development [2] [3]
Arora WebKit Yes Yes No No No No
Chromium WebKit Yes (widgets) / No (window decoration) No No No No Yes
Rekonq WebKit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Konqueror KHTML Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Konqueror WebKit KPart Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Webbrowser media player plugin

Look into shipping a media player plugin by default - kaffeine-mozilla or VLC? MediaPlayerConnectivity? KMPlayer (using Phonon) for Konq? gecko-mediaplayer (implement its D-BUS API in Dragon Player?)?

netscape-plugin for kparts

In case openSUSE does not have a default kparts-capable browser we could add a Kparts Plugin as default. It currently lives in Playground (done by tittiacoke)


Ship VeroMix (and possibly use) by default [4]

New Packages to Include

  • Phonon-vlc + as much of VLC as legally possible (cb400f) (performance discussion on Talk page)
  • Kamoso - if the vlc requirements can be fulfilled (cb400f)
  • Evaluate KBackup, LuckyBackup (other candidates?) for inclusion in the distro - maybe even default install if possible (cb400f)
  • knights - you gotta have a chess game (cb400f)
  • soundkonverter 1.0 - New KDE4 replacement of the old KDE3 version.
  • kgmailnotifier - A easy and useful tool for people who just use the GMail webmail.
  • Preview plugin for ODF files bnc688025
  • Calligra
  • Apper to replace/succeed KPackageKit?
  • Telepathy-kde (first official release in parallel with SC 4.7)

Single Features

  • Security Status plasmoid
    • Firewall status
    • AppArmor notifications
    • Anti Virus
  • Right click Image file -> Set as Wallpaper
  • Samba sharing via right click context menus
  • Ask for confirmation when removing FolderView widget - or maybe lock widgets by default - a lot of people seem to remove the folderview widget by accident and can't figure out how to get it back.
  • sysinfo:/ and widget raid support
  • Create an easy way to create desktop/panel shortcuts for items that don't exist in the KDE menu. KDE bug #170138
  • Bring back the KMenu app search text box from openSUSE KDE 3.5
  • Bring back Kickoff's ability to do simple math operations
  • Disable the screensaver when watching movies on Kaffeine, Flash player, etc
  • Make sysinfo:/ to open links to locations on Dolphin, or at least, with Konqueror in File Management view profile.

Packaging Issues

Porting States


  • Maybe remove KsCD from default installation since Amarok and Kaffeine play audio CDs too. (avoid "bloat")
    (−) Neither Amarok nor Kaffeine can manage track names, while KsCD theoretically can. Moreover, Amarok plays CD audio by ripping it, which requires much time and space.
  • Maybe remove xsane from default installation, skanlite is also installed. (avoid "bloat")
  • Drop NetworkManager-kde4 to avoid confusion with plasmoid-networkmanagement

Important Yet Non-Critical Bugs

Other Teams

  • Polish YaST Qt Control Center – e.g. hide or dim modules of non-selected categories, add a bit more space between modules, use a bigger font for module descriptions, etc. (cb400f)