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openSUSE:KDE 11.4 packagekit

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This page is meant to help testing kpackagekit for 11.4. kpackagekit is just a front-end for PackageKit and its zypp-backend. Thus one has to distinguish between bugs of the frontend which have to be reported upstream at and bugs regarding PackageKit and its zypp-backend which have to be reported at Novell's bugzilla.


Packages for testing can be downloaded from the KDE:Distro:Factory repo. Since they depend on a PackageKit version which only builds against 11.4, 11.3 users can sadly not really help testing.

You will find kpk's settings in KDE's systemsettings in the software module.

The kpackagekit service will not start until you log out and back into KDE or start it manually via KDE's systemsettings.

What to test

kpackagekit is supposed to replace kupdateapplet since the latter is unmaintained.

So its primary purpose for 11.4 is to:

  • notifiy the user about updates bko 262521
  • enable the user to install those updates
    • this might include the ability to detect whether an update repo is already enabled and add an update repo or at least to open the yast module to do so in case there is none. bko 262892


Please add to this section hints that help users to debug issues with the forntend/backend.

  • if you want to check whether kpk does not show updates that it should show, you can use
pkcon get-updates

to check whether the backend does show the updates. If the backend does not show the updates, it's a backend bug. If the backend shows updates but the frontend does not, it's a frontend issue.

  • if packagekit blocks zypper, open a bug report at bnc and attach /var/log/pk_backend_zypp and zypper.log.

Known issues

  • kpk does not show the download progress/speed. This is a backend issue since the zypp-backend does not provide this info. bnc 663069
  • default checking period is set to "weekly" and should be set to "daily". bko 262984
  • pk-zypp-backend must not offer vendor-changes by default bnc 637764