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Jabber Multi-User-Chat (MUC)

Jabber is a great way to connect with openSUSE community members in real time. Jabber is an instant-messaging protocol that is supported by a lot of popular applications such as kopete, pidgin or Psi, so you do not need to install yet another chat-application.

Apart from GoogleTalk and the there are a lot more servers out there and you will surely find one nearby you. Having an account on any jabber-server enables you to chat with users from all other servers.

Most applications allow you to register from within the client, so you do not even have to visit a server's website. Have a look at the localised version of this wiki-page in order to get hints on which servers you can use in your area.

Jabber Chatrooms
Chatroom Description General chatroom about openSUSE Russian chatroom about openSUSE

Have a look at your chat-application's wiki-page or manual in order to get more information on how to join the above chatroom.