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openSUSE:Installation tips

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Extremly fast

It is really extremly fast to install. Tested on:

  1. On Dell Inspiron with Intel Core2 Quad 9400 in VirtualBox, using option new installation and accepting all default proposals you can have openSUSE KDE desktop in lesser then 10 minutes. Not to mention it preserved
  2. Old Athlon XP running at only 1250 MHz, with partition proposal change, you will need about 40 minutes to see your openSUSE GNOME desktop.
  3. see how you can install openSUSE in 9 minutes here.

Video tutorials

Here you can find a video tutorial about installing openSUSE 11.4. It's divided in three parts:

  • the first part is where you have to say who you are and what you want

First part tutorial

  • the second part is basis about partitioning

Second part, partitioning

see here to the general problem (text)

  • the third part is the end of the installtion, the automatic configuration

(coming soon)