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Hackathons: What they are and why we have them!

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What Exactly is a Hackathon?

The What?

Hackathons are how openSUSE members, contributors, fans and fanatics get together to get stuff done as a group. Similar to a marathon, bowlathon or anything elseathon.......we get together to "hack away" at getting some progress made as a group.

The When?

This is pretty much whenever we feel like it's time to get together. There will typically be plenty of advanced notice of a Hackathon coming up so that people can make arrangements to attend. Sometimes they happen at the "spur of the moment". Don't worry if you can't make it to one, we know you're doing your best and there will always be an opportunity to attend another!

The Why?

There is usually some particular topic surrounding the Hackathon such as a new release coming up, event planning, marketing material design, artwork to collaborate on or just some general group discussion a few people thought they would pull a Hackathon about. If someone isn't sure what the Hackathon topic is, ask in the mailing lists or ask someone "at the door" when you get there.

The Where?


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