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Geektrix is an open source competition which will be held in two phases. The first phase will include a set of smaller set of tasks that can be usually completed in 2-3 days.The purpose behind this is to help new contributors identify their interests. This phase will go on for a month.

The second phase will consist of a longer project where contributors will have some well defined projects to be finished in 3 months.

Students from this competition would definitely be given preference for GSoC projects.


For Students :

  • Anyone who is interested who wants to take up their first open source project is definitely welcome.

For Mentors :

  • openSUSE and any other organisation that has participated or expressed interest along with openSUSE in previous years Google Summer Of Code is eligible for mentoring.


A short intro and then list the member with a link to the wiki members page.

How to join

This should include answers to questions like

  • When is someone eligible to join?
  • What has one to do to join?
  • Is openSUSE Membership required for the task?

Additions (optional)

Links, resources, etc.