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Welcome to the GSoC Portal edit

Since 2005, the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that offers mentees stipends to write code for free and open source projects. openSUSE participated in the program several times already. During that time GSoC brought together over 80 contributors with mentors from our project, worldwide. Mentees paired with our mentors gain exposure to free and open source software development, and in turn openSUSE is able to identify and bring in new developers. Best of all, more open source code is created and released for the use and benefit of all.


GSoC works like this:

  1. openSUSE gathers a list of ideas for things to do during GSoC and mentors that can accompany these ideas
  2. openSUSE applies to Google with that list of ideas and people that can mentor these ideas
  3. If Google likes the ideas they choose openSUSE as one of the organizations which can engage mentees
  4. Mentees propose to work on a specific idea and mentors choose the student that they think fits best
  5. Google assigns slots to openSUSE depending on the quality of the proposals and mentors
  6. openSUSE picks contributor/mentor pairs for their slots
  7. Contributors work with mentors on the idea

Join GSoC edit

For openSUSE there are several roles in this program and for each of these roles there are different things to do. You can take over any of these roles and make openSUSE's GSoC participation a success. Here is what you can do:

Be a GSoC Mentee
  • See which of the ideas you find interesting on our GSoC Project list
  • Introduce yourself to the mentor via the comments and talk about the idea. More info about this process can be found here.
  • Write an awesome proposal. You can find all about writing proposals on our openSUSE:GSoC_proposal_template
  • Follow our the contributor guidance page for helpful hints regarding your proposal.

For more general information about what it means to be involved with GSoC, visit the GSoC Guides.

Be a GSoC Mentor
  • Add interesting projects to our GSoC list
  • Once a mentee contacts you, help them to understand what your idea is about
  • Help your mentees write awesome proposals. You can find all about writing proposals on our openSUSE:GSoC_proposal_template
  • Mind and follow the guidance wiki

For more general information about what it means to be a GSoC mentor, visit the GSoC Guides.

Be a GSoC Admin

If you want to take care of openSUSEs time in GSoC overall, you should join the admin team. You can help gather the list of ideas, work with Google on the organization application, pick mentees/mentors for slots, write about the progress and in general take care that the participation of openSUSE in GSoC is a success. Joining is easy, just talk to ddemaio! They will tell you what to do.

In the news edit

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