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openSUSE:GSOC guidelines

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  • Students are encouraged to commit some code / package or some other form of contribution to openSUSE prior to GSoC. This will help newcomers familiarize with the community before GSoC and also give ample time to mentors and the community to know the student. Knowing people around you is a good way to start off and also strengthen final GSoC proposals.
  • Students are expected to work at least 4 hours a day (it will usually mean at least 2 pull requests / commits as a bare minimum per week)
  • GSoC is supposed to be a full time project. If the work is done earlier, it is up to the mentor to decide if he or she will get more work or not.
  • Mentors should encourage kick off meetings
  • If the student is not writing weekly reports (on the opensuse-project mailing list) or is not following guidelines set by the Admins or mentors during the set GSoC Term and the mentor fails the student, we will not accept the evaluations as PASS or go to Google for reevaluations.