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enhancerepo is a tool to add extra metadata to rpm-md repositories. It is supposedly to be run on top of a repository created with the upstream createrepo.

It will add the extra data to extension files, and add them to the repository index, doing all the dirty work of updating the index and compressing the files.


  • Signing of repositories
  • Adding package eulas from files to susedata.xml
  • Adding package keywords from files to susedata.xml
  • Adding package disk usage information to susedata.xml
  • Add expiration time, product compatibility, keywords to repository susenfo.xml (experimental)
  • Add deltarpm information to the repository.
  • Easily create patches


Run enhanceinfo --help



Get them from project home:dmacvicar in the build service: Click here

It requires ruby-rpm, which you can get from devel:languages:ruby:extensions repository.


Anonymous git repository:

git clone git://github.com/openSUSE/enhancerepo.git

Developer git repository:

git clone git@github.com:openSUSE/enhancerepo.git

Planned features

  • Creating products
  • Patterns


Main developer is Duncan Mac-Vicar P. ( dmacvicar at suse.de )