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openSUSE @ Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012

 The openSUSE Project is planning to attend Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012

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This page is part of the Ambassador Events. On the link you can find more events where openSUSE is, will be or has been present.

General Information

 Event website Embedded Linux Conference Europe
 * Location: Hotel Fira Palace · Barcelona, Spain
 * Date: 05. 11 2012
   ** Booth Setup: Yes
   ** End: 07.11.2012
 * Opening Times: 08.00 a.m - 05.00 p.m 
 * Schedule : Schedule
 * Attendees : Attendees
 * Speakers : Speakers
 * How many attendees does the event have?
 * Who is organizing this event? Linux Foundation
 * What are the target visitors for this event? Students/IT professionals/FOSS contributors/FOSS etc.
 * Registration required? If yes, link Registration
 * Who is organizing this event from openSUSE?

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Of course, events need to be promoted! Social media:

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  • what is the facebook event page?
    • openSUSE facebook event page, if relevant? Do some openSUSE posts!
  • mail to project, marketing and ambassador mailing lists done?
  • blogs: blog 1 blog 2 blog 3

Attendees, presence and travel info

 Who will attend from/for openSUSE?
 Please fill in your name if you're going. And arrival & departure date & time so maybe you can share a train or cab, and we might organize a hotel together. In case you need travel support (see * below) fill in your estimated travel costs.
reimbursement needs*
Helps at booth
Gives a talk (about)
User:Zoumpis Madrid,Spain Sunday (4/11/2012) 15.00 Thursday (8/11/2012) 15.00 Hotel Of course! It's my pleasure! -
User:Diomidis Athens, Greece Sunday (4/11/2012) 15.00 Friday (9/11/2012) 15.00 Hotel YES! -


Some material is needed for the booth setup. Please add things you are able to provide:

How much?
openSUSE DVD's User:Zoumpis 50 I can booth with openSUSE DVD's!