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Drone On! Amongst other things, the openSUSE project is about "having a lot of fun". In that spirit we would like to add a bit of diversion and an extra incentive for everyone to register and attend the openSUSE conference.

Join the Drone On! contest and have a lot of fun.

We've purchased 2 AR.Drones to be used in the Drone On! contest. Check out the video to see how cool these are: They run on Linux and we thought it would be fun to fly these from an openSUSE desktop!

Two opportunities to take one home

1. Simply register and attend the openSUSE conference.
We will draw a winning entry from amongst the conference attendees that registered prior to the conference through

2. Contribute to the fun
We started a project in OBS, but more help is needed. There is a Linux open sourced SDK. Parrott uses Linux to fly and test the Drones. The SDK site provides the software and shows how to guide the drone from a Linux workstation; with a console to show the drone operating parameters. Let's get it running on openSUSE for the fun of it!

Droning on about the details

The intent of this contest is to encourage openSUSE community members to attend the openSUSE Conference, to build a usable control image for openSUSE and to invite openSUSE members to have some fun. To best achieve this in the proper spirit of the community we've developed a few contest rules.

  1. One entry winner will be chosen from the registered attendees. To be eligible you must register before 7 September, 2011 14:00 UTC, check in and attend the conference for at least 2 days.
  2. The second drone will be given to those who participated in the Drone-on contest and attended the conference.
  3. You can of course win only one Drone
  4. Participants are encouraged to collaborate rather than create individual projects. After all this is just for fun.
  5. The use of SUSE Studio to create a Drone Appliance is recommended; appliances should be made available on SUSE Studio Gallary.
  6. Entries must be developed and delivered on openSUSE 11.4 or Factory or Tumbleweed
  7. The contest starts now and ends on 12 September 2011 14:00 UTC. It is open to ALL registered and attending participants.
  8. Winner(s) of the contest are required to provide SUSE with their name and home address. (This reduces the tax required from to the openSUSE project). If the winner is a SUSE, Novell or Attachmate employee the value of the Drone will be recorded to their paystub for tax purposes.
  9. Winner(s) should talk about the Drone!
  10. The Winners of the contest will be announced on Wednesday Sept 14th during the closing session.
  11. Contributors must enter their name and self determined score on this wiki page by 12 September, 2011 14:00 UTC
  12. Contributors must provide a self determined score for the areas in which they contributed. The higher the score the greater your chance of being the chosen random winner. Eligibility will be validated. But don't be afraid to jump in and have some fun. Base your self scoring on your willingness to participate, not the amount of changes you are able to successfully commit. You don't have to be an expert in OBS, or Studio. This is a chance to learn without fear of impeding a critical project.
  13. We stop counting contributions from the day the conference starts (Sept 11) so we can all focus on the conference!

Contributors Enter Your Name Here

Please enter your name and score for your contribution in each area. Total of 5 points.

  • Working collaboratively. Basic committing to shared OBS account or code repository; working with others, creating a team, building a Studio image together etc.
  • Contributing code changes to the project in the Open Build Service. Basic build fixes and the like; up to major work on the package(s).
  • For contributing to the effort using SUSE Studio & SUSE Gallery. Building a SUSE Studio image.
  • For helping to promote this contest, developing supporting marketing or DronOn! Project materials including fixing the wiki page and creating community resources, documentation and the like. Blogging in your own language about the conference counts as well a writing articles for a magazine or other website.
  • Doing coding related to the drone. Any coding, either to fix bugs, get the package compiling or anything done to get some graphical or command line UI written for the drone will earn a point!

The scores will be checked!

Name, Total Points (up to 4)
Example: Alan Clark, 2

A big thanks to:
sshaw for his efforts in setting up the OBS project.