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openSUSE:Downtime 2010-07-10

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General information

On Saturday, July 10th from 09:00 AM CET to 03:00 PM CET, our infrastructure vendor will be shutting down services in the Nuremberg (Germany) data center to allow for a scheduled maintenance of the main power supply. As result, general network connectivity from and to the location will not be available.

Due to a separate maintenance activity the openSUSE Build Service will only be available again by 07:00 PM CET.

As result, the following services will not be available:

Detailed information

As our infrastructure vendor needs the time for maintenance of the main power supply, we want to use this time to run normal maintenance updates on all machines and network switches. Additionally, we will try to proceed with the move to virtual machines on a high availability solution.

The source backend of the Build Service will be moved to the final storage now, duplicating the available space for sources. As this includes a restart of the schedulers, the scheduled downtime is a bit longer.