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openSUSE:Contributor gifts

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Ideas for gifts/rewards for openSUSE contributors

See also the AI at and the old discussion at

This text is the summary of many ideas from several persons. Lots of the ideas are from the old thread, but I also added some new ideas.

things you can touch (more or less)

The gift should be something special/exclusive, not the "usual" stuff we hand out to visitors at conferences or stuff you can order via shop.o.o. I'd say the symbolic value is more important than the price - no gold bar with geeko embossing needed ;-)

  • special T-Shirt (like iContribute for 11.1)
  • openSUSE contributor coffee mug
  • openSUSE contributor pin
  • memory stick (optional: with bootable openSUSE)
  • something special for every release (flashlight, geeko-shaped paperclips, ...)
    • that also means we need a new idea for every release
  • distinguished award to put on shelf/wall to show others what/something to put on
  • (we can always add some promo DVDs to the package ;-)
  • (boxed version of openSUSE doesn't really make sense nowadays IMHO)
  • add a "thank you" letter
  • special price (or even for free) for a SLE* license (a restriction to "updates only, without support" if you do it for free would be OK)
  • openSUSE pajamas
  • openSUSE wristbands
  • openSUSE glasses
  • openSUSE playing cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Exclusive discounts for travel to a someday-to-be-purchased openSUSE island in the South Pacific.
  • openSUSE business cards (with the recipient name). Not very expensive, rewarding and useful for promoting openSUSE.
  • Also personal "member card" (Mr XXX is an approved openSUSE contributor"...
  • as goodies, don't forget stickers and caps! (caps seems to be very appreciated).
  • key fob / holder
  • lanyard
  • tips / cheat sheet poster
  • pre-printed origami chameleon (printed with dashed lines where to fold)


  • keep shipment costs in mind (shipping a coffee mug is more expensive than for a memory stick)
    • Remember items have to be exportable, which may contribute to the expense (media for example has an added expense)
  • we might want to consider regional shipping. e.g. asking volunteers to receive a large bulk and then re-ship them (with reimbursement from us). That will reduce some costs in some regions.
  • that includes potentially manufacturing those items in that region too

things money can't buy

  • get your favorite bug fixed / feature implemented
    • I'm aware this needs some restriction, like "should be doable in 2 hours"
    • allow to sum up the development hours from several contributors to get bigger things done?
    • contributor reward day/week similar to hackweek?
    • if it is too much for the available developers: voting?
  • access to labs session at the conference (one or two sessions per contributor)
  • exclusive dinner at openSUSE Conference (given who visits the conference, that would probably mean "exclusive for all conference visitors" ;-)
  • a bug proxy with a camera ;-) If someone finds a funny or awkward bug, he can assign it to the proxy person, which then goes to the developer (who introduced the bug) personally, presents the bugreport to him and takes a photo of his face ;-)) (ok, don't take this too serious...)
  • Awards at openSUSE conference for contributions in a few categories (KDE does Akademy awards: Winners from last year choose winners from next year; would only need 'starting up' for us)
    • not everybody might love that sort of "paperwork" to choose next year's winners

Ideas from AJ's mail

(well, the remaining part - I moved some things to the first section.)

Some ideas:

  • target 300 people
  • Self-nominating kind of deal, e.g. to print a poster

Public "thank you":

  • Add lists of translators for this language to slideshow
  • Add list of packagers to Release Notes
  • How about a file on the ftp tree called just that - Contributors Listing all by name? One would have to have an opt-out for those that don't want to be named.

Our suggestions:

  • Send something only to recognize (active) members? For example, the openSUSE 11.4 poster with a letter. Sending a letter avoids problems with customs.
  • A welcome present to new contributors (members?) instead of a regular effort. Just send every new openSUSE member a T-Shirt!
  • Special price for openSUSE shop, e.g. for T-Shirts or mugs - basically a voucher.

who should receive a gift?

  • Having to fill/maintain this list manually is nearly impossible.
  • automated statistics are possible for bugreports, submit requests and mailinglists, but for example not for marketing work or helping in IRC
  • openSUSE members?
    • filter out inactive members?
    • require everybody who wants to receive the gift to login in connect.o.o to verify the postal address - already this is a filter for inactive members
    • targeting only members might be the only doable way (and whoever cries "I also want a gift" can apply for membership)
  • GSoC students and mentors
  • adding / proposing somebody for the list should be possible ("$person helped a lot with $subject"), but membership is clearly the better way
  • need to ensure that address information is secured; only the shipper should have access

types of contribution (from AJ's mail)

Where does contribution happen in openSUSE?

  • bug reports
  • fixing bugs
  • packaging
  • development
  • system administration
  • user help in forums/mailing lists/IRC
  • marketing
  • translation
  • ...