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Connect was shut down in 2021.
Connect is the framework we are currently testing to manage users and group memberships in the openSUSE project


  • is based on Elgg (an open source social networking platform -
  • replaces the former
  • adds a social aspect to the project infrastructure (users, groups, events, etc.)
  • used to handle memberships and elections

How to ...


Elgg already provides a large subset of features we want, some of them provided by plugins/mods from a very large repository.

We need to make sure that the following is available and working in Connect:

  • Login:
    • Other possible Login methods (would need to bind to an opensuse account after first login):
    • OAuth support (OAuth mod)
    • OpenID support (OpenID mod)
    • LDAP support (LDAP mod)
  • global and group events (maybe Event calendar mod)
  • CalDAV support for above (TBD)
  • geotagging (vazco_gmap mod or geolocation mod)
  • user awards/recognition (TBD, maybe vazco_karma mod, maybe something else, see bellow)
  • ribbons/banners/wordpress plugin/facebook plugin - showing username, contributions, etc., linking to the profile on connect (TBD)

Already done

  • Bento theme (our theme_bento mod)
  • user profile (internal profile mod)
  • groups (internal groups mod)
  • friends (internal friends mod)
  • search (internal search mod)
  • custom fields to profile and groups (our connect_fields mod)
  • gravatar (gravatar mod)
  • generate business cards and vcards from profile (our profile_cards mod)
  • voting/polls (polls mod + our modifications)
  • group moderators (group operators mod)
  • bugzilla widget (our mod)
  • openfate widget (our mod)
  • rss integration (maybe rss plugin)
    • iChain Plugin (our mod)



  • Current country, Timezone, Website, Blog, XMPP Contact, Freenode IRC nickname, Freenode IRC cloak
  • Telephone, Skype, GPG key, SSH key, Twitter,, Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, ohloh, Gitorious, Github
  • openid login, spoken languages, computer languages, email alias, description
  • RSS feed for aggregated API calls
  • mailing lists subscriptions, company blog URL
  • some attributes should be changed to lists (irc, openid, ssh-key, gpg-key, ...)


  • there are two types of groups:
    • roles - group membership means that user has this role (eg. board, member, security team)
    • projects - group membership that user is somehow participating in this (upstream) project
  • groups can be moderated (join requests have to be approved by group moderator)
  • user can gain experience in certain groups (XP points, levels, ____ hero of the week/month)

Missing group attributes:

  • website/blog, IRC channel/network,, ohloh, OBS project, upstream bugtracker

Related features

Very far future / ideas

  • store user data files on the server
  • teamgeist (shared zeitgeist) integration



  • we probably want to write our own karma plugin
    • we need integration with bugzilla
    • we need integration with wiki
    • we need integration with buildservice
    • ...
  • people will recieve points and badges/awards in particular arrea
  • leader of the area of the interest can add extra points to the people for hard tasks and remove few points in case of cheating
  • people will have widget on their dashboard with their awards/badges
    • this will include things like '5 x KDE hero of the week, 3 x Gnome hero of the month, ...'
  • people will get image on openSUSE website stating their awards so they can link against it on other pages (their blog, forum signature, etc)
  • each area of interest will have widget with:
    • top ten contributors of all times
    • hero of the week
    • hero of the month

Other crazy ideas about openSUSE Connect Karma can be found on Miska's blog