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openSUSE:Conference snack bar

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  • The bar will be a "mobile" bar from coca cola, delivery: ?; Size: 2* 1,30
  • 2 refrigerators for the drinks
  • 1 refrigerated display case for the food (sandwiches)
  • 20 beer garden tables and seating benches for the beer garden + bar
  • 5 Umbrellas

We have storage space for the crates and stuff on the ground floor behind the main area.


  • openSUSE Beer (80 crates); sold for 1 Euro
  • Non-alcoholics (Cola, Fanta, Beer); sold for 1 Euro
  • Coffee for free (2 large cans from SUSE)
  • Water for free
  • Sunday Lunch (13:00): Chilli con carne, Chilli sin carne with cream, bread, sold for 4 Euro
  • Regular offers: Sandwiches, Sweets, Muffins, Brownies; 2 Euro?


We will have a do it yourself barbecue each evening, which gets sponsored by our bar earnings. We have 100 sausages, potato salad and bread to give away in the evening.


We will have a soundsystem with laptop at the bar to play some background music between the talks and in the evening