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openSUSE:Conference call for papers 2010

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Call for Papers for the openSUSE Conference 2010

On October 20-23, 2010, the second international conference of the openSUSE community will take place in NĂŒrnberg, Germany. Following up on the great success of last year, we want to set up an even more exciting, inspiring and informative conference this year.

We looked for a general motto of the conference and given the latest trends, we'd like to stress a very old virtue of the free software world again which is

Collaboration across Borders

This motto highlights our goal of bringing people together to connect their projects and ideas, and to get further together in terms of reflecting and hardening concepts, shaping interfaces, sharing solutions and spreading the word.

While we have well-known people coming to the event, we also want to hear what you can share with the community! If you're passionate about openSUSE, another project or free software in general, then you will help make the difference during this event. Topics of special interest include:

Technology and Upstream Development

Any breathtaking new technology which will bring openSUSE to the next level needs to be presented here. Become a techno hero and enjoy the amazed faces in the audience by presenting the latest cool stuff. Showcase the latest developments that occur in your upstream project and that openSUSE will (or should!) include in the future.

Education and Science

As free software is increasingly important in the area of schools for child education on the one hand, but also as subject of scientific work in universities, we strongly encourage talks about collaboration in these areas.


We invite people who use openSUSE to achieve their business goals to present how they were successful, which pillars made the difference and what they are still missing. This spans from FOSS used as foundation for a business to concrete business ideas.

User and Home

Fun with tricky Linux solutions: central heating statistics, the kids play kartoffelknĂŒlch, dad can read the recipes in the kitchen and mom manages her oldtimer porsche spare part business, all from one cheap, energy friendly linux dwarf in the cellar? Tell the community more about!

The following topics could be addressed as part of the conference motto:

  • Collaboration between desktop communities
  • Collaboration upstream/downstream
  • International openSUSE community
  • Crossing disciplines: design, programming, packaging, marketing, user support, etc.
  • Cross-Distribution efforts and projects
  • Tools to foster community
  • Collaboration spaces: web, social media, documentation

We propose these areas of interest under which talk proposals could be issued. Note that these are not exclusive but meant as orientation. In case you would like to add another aspect which might be of interest to the openSUSE community, please speak up.

Howto Submit?

Talk, tutorial- and BOF proposals should be sent by email to the program committee. They should include the name of the presenter(s), a short bio preferably with photo. The proposal should come with a title, an abstract of no more than 400 words, if it will be a presentation or a BOF and if a time slot of 45 minutes is sufficient, and if travel sponsorship is required (and if yes, an estimation how much). The conference language is English except for user tutorials where we accept German.

The deadline is July 31st and notifications of acceptance will be issued on August 20th.

Cross borders with us and contribute to making the openSUSE Conference 2010 an amazing event!