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Campus Ambassadors Sri Lanka


Campus Ambassador program is designed to promote openSUSE with in undergraduates in Universities. Empowering youths will be an long term investing as they are the next generation to the society.

More over this program will help the openSUSE project to get their collaborative contribution as well.


Here the team should include info's about their

  • Mailing List -
  • IRC channel -
  • Forum -
  • Meetings -


Duties as an Cam Am

You are expected to follow up following activities to contribute to this program.

  • Organize openSUSE events/ launch parties in your university.
  • Promote openSUSE in your university among your friends, colleges.
  • Deliver openSUSE media (CD, DVD, Live CD, USB) among your friends, colleges.
  • Act as a central point of contact with in your university community.

How to join

If you are an undergraduate (student) and having time and passion to promote openSUSE with in your colleges in the university, you may join with this program. An openSUSE ambassador will guide and mentor you through out the program giving guidance and information when ever required and when ever your are requesting such assistant.

Steps to Join

  • First create a user page for you. [How to create a user page?] The user page must include your valid contact details, email address is the most important detail.
  • Please send an email stating your preference to join with openSUSE and also some activities you have engaged with. Please forward the mail to
  • And add yourself to the team below.


username Talk - Contributions

| Aaron Luna

cshubhamrao Talk - Contributions

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