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Call for Hosts Template

Visit the conference checklist for more information on guidelines to help host an openSUSE Conference.

Before using the template below, please view the six points below to decide whether to proceed with your submission to host an openSUSE Conference:

  • Location and Accessibility:
    • How accessible is the host country and city for international attendees, considering factors like visa requirements, airport connections, and local transportation infrastructure (buses, trains)?
    • Are there sufficient local openSUSE and Linux User Group (LUG) members to support the conference?
      • Are there any interesting speakers that can add value to the conference?
  • Venue Suitability:
    • Does the proposed venue have the necessary facilities such as various-sized rooms for different sessions, technical equipment (like microphones and projectors), and spaces for networking, hacking, and exhibitions? (two/three rooms that can seat 30 to 100 people)
    • Are there additional amenities nearby (shops, restaurants, accommodation) and is the venue accessible for all attendees, including those with disabilities?
  • Date and Schedule:
    • Are the proposed dates convenient, avoiding major public or religious holidays, and does the schedule align with the preferences of the target audience (weekend vs weekday)?
    • The conference can be in different seasons and give enough time ahead for planning
    • When not to come (seasons with suboptimal weather etc)?
  • Financial and Logistical Considerations:
    • How will the budget be managed, considering factors like venue costs, potential sponsorship, and the pricing of accommodation and travel for attendees?
    • Are there sufficient local resources and volunteers to help with organizing and running the conference?
  • Technical and Communication Requirements:
    • Does the venue have adequate network infrastructure to support a large number of attendees, including wired and wireless internet access?
    • Are there plans for effective communication before, during, and after the event, including website maintenance, press engagement, and handling schedule changes?
  • Other Considerations:
    • Are there any underlying issues that the project should be aware of concerning geopoltics, protests, safety concerns/considerations or aspects that can be threating to attendees. Please be aware that the openSUSE Community is a global community with a diverse multicultural group and there should be a welcoming and secure environment for all participants.

openSUSE Conferenece 202X (oSC2X)


OptionA: University X

  • Location X: X (City, State, Country)
    • Room X & size (conference room x (450 people), classroom x (30 people)
  • Airport X (Airport Code)


  • Are there any permission consideration required for the event
    • (Example: An event with more than 50 people requires a permit by local authorities)


  • Hot and humid during the summer season. (Xc degrees)


  • Visa Policy
    • Details of Visa requirements usually found at state department .gov
    • Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay)
  • Airport X (Airport Code)
  • Train X (15min)
  • Bus X (20min)
  • Taxi X (15min)


  • List of recommended hotels in the area
    • XA: X rooms (most of rooms are for 4 people)
    • XB: XX rooms

Free Time

Safe and friendly environment

  • OptionA: beaches, night markets
  • OptionB: Nature walks, hot springs
  • OptionC: Spa, hot springs, can access to X area


  • Will have X for a snack
  • Will go to X for a dinner

Local Team

Core team

Other contributors

People interested in helping

Team contact

X (at)