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openSUSE @ CLT 2015

The openSUSE Community is planning a booth at Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2015.

This page is part of the Ambassador Events. On the link you can find more events where openSUSE is, will be or has been present.

General Information

 Event website


 * Location: Chemnitz, Germany
 * Date: 21./22. March 2015
   ** Booth Setup: 20. March
   ** End: cleanup on 22. March
 * Opening Times:
 * How many attendees does the event have? 2500
 * Who is organizing this event? CLT
 * What are the target visitors for this event? user/professionals/technical students/contributors, focus on community
 * Registration required? Yes, done
 * Do we have a booth? yes Link
 * Who is organizing this event/booth from openSUSE Project or Community? by Community, Marcel Richter (luriv) 
 * Will there be any openSUSE talks ? yes
 * Is the Booth official supported ? yes
 * Will openSUSE sponsor the event ? yes