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This HowTo describes the creation of a private OBS instance using appliances. It aims at organisations willing to use OBS to build software internally and to enable external partners while mixing Open Source and proprietary code. It starts with Some advice on OBS appliance configuration and creating the architecture of the service. It then describes the OBS bootstrapping phase and concludes with ideas for life cycle management in an OBS environment.
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Use Cases

This HowTo addresses people who need to deliver software which is based on a rpm packet architecture and cannot be maintained on a public Open OBS. The reasons for doing this can vary but the main use cases are :

  • running your test in your private environment before going public
  • creating distributions with mixed proprietary and Open Source code
  • creating specialised Embedded Linux distributions
  • long term (several years) commitment to software maintenance
  • creating highly customised distributions to meet individual customer needs
  • enabling a code sharing model with partner / customer
  • any case where you are not comfortable in using a public OBS


If you only want to build your packages against the repo created by an OBS instance (public or private) you might be willing to have a look at a tool based on a subset of OBS (in fact the build sub system). You will find a description [| here]

In order to smooth the issue of starting a project mixing private and open source code we have also created the project OBS Light that might fit your need.


more on Architecture and Requirements


more on Installation

OBS Boot strapping

more on Boot strapping

Software delivery

more on Software delivery

Life Cycle model

more on Software life cycle model with OBS

Enabling external partners

more on enabling external partners

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