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openSUSE:Build Service Concept Trust Implementation

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Status of the document

  • This is kept intentionally short for now, until the Trust Concept has been developed more

Current ideas

  • store a trust level (int value 0-100) on
  • project owners in the OBS can decide base on the trust level who they want to let join.
  • The trust level of a project is the smallest trust level of all project members: A project with Person A (40 points) and Person B (30 points) has a trust level of 30. If they decide to allow also Person C (1 point) to join, the project goes down to trust level 1 as well.
  • search results get sorted by trust level by default.
  • YaST shall get an option to set a required trust level. When a project falls below, it needs to be accepted explicitely.
  • trust can be gained and granted:
in soft terms, this granted trust should accumulate yet also depend on the trust of the granting user. The maths needs to be robust enough to gracefully allow for mutual trust.
in paranoia mode, no grantees trust should never be higher than any granters trust
in group hug mode, mutual trust should be able to grow trust, maybe qucik at the beginning and then slower for larger numbers of granters.
should trust be allowed to be negative (-100..100) and we allow for mistrust?