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Reporting dracut bugs

An initial ramdisk is a temporary file system used in the boot process of the Linux kernel. initrd and initramfs refer to slightly different schemes for loading this file system into memory. Both are commonly used to make preparations before the real root file system can be mounted.

For this purpose, openSUSE uses dracut.

What to include in bug reports

  1. Remove 'quiet' from the kernel command line.
  2. Add ' rd.debug log_buf_len=1M' to the kernel command line so that dracut shell commands are printed as they are executed.
  3. The file /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt is generated, which contains all the logs and the output of all significant tools. If you want to save that output, simply mount /boot by hand or insert an USB stick and mount that. Then you can store the output for later inspection.

More troubleshooting information