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openSUSE:Bugreport Snapper

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This article covers how to file bug reports regarding snapper on SUSE.

So you have found a bug in snapper. Before creating a new bug report at, please check the documentation at and search for existing bugs, both in bugzilla and on Maybe the bug is already fixed so please install all updates on the system.

When creating a new bug report please include the following information in the bug report:

  • Decription of the problem you have and the console output showing the problem.
  • The exact version of all snapper packages installed. These can be queried with 'zypper se -s snapper'.
  • Output of 'snapper list-configs' and 'snapper list'. If another config than root is affected provide the output of 'snapper snapper --config <config> list'.
  • If the config root is affected the output of 'btrfs subvolume get-default /' and 'btrfs subvolume list /'.
  • The file /var/log/snapper.log.
  • If snapper or snapperd generates a segmentation fault attach the core dumps by using coredumpctl.