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openSUSE:At Flickr

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Web is full of nice images, but when you need one you can't find it.

So, we created openSUSE at Flickr as a place to contribute artwork and select one that will go into next openSUSE release.

Current actions

Right now we are looking for wallpapers.

Wallpapers in general means not busy images with large areas of more or less monotonous coloring so that desktop elements are not lost, like:

  • macro photos
  • landscape
  • coast and sea
  • custom made graphics

Also, they can be seen by anyone in the family, which eliminates some categories:

  • sexually explicit
  • depicting violence
  • inciting hatred

Including images

You can post images to the group with any license, but to include images in openSUSE release we need license that will allow:

  • changes in the artwork, like adding openSUSE logo, text openSUSE and similar,
  • change in size, to fit different screen sizes,
  • using parts to create openSUSE branded splash screens for applications, and similar,
  • using parts to illustrate documentation.

We consider that above is possible with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-SA 3.0).