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Collaborative Thought on Utilizing Imaging More Effectively Throughout the Wiki to Simplify Navigation and Process

Often times, images can enhance a persons comprehension of subject or content when words alone are not descriptive enough. Our current wiki is heavily text based alone and provides little in the way of supporting image documentation. While this is sufficient for many technical readers, it is not for visual learners. It is imperative that we make every effort to accommodate both types of learning styles so that any person, regardless of their learning style, can easily and effectively navigate and comprehend the wiki documentation.

While adding supporting images to the wiki will increase the overall size of the wiki, the benefits will outweigh the increase in documentation size in many ways. First, it will enhance the ability for visual learners and non-technical audiences to more easily comprehend the supporting documentation associated with our products. Second, when supporting documentation is thorough and easy to comprehend in conjunction with an easy to use and friendly product, a larger target audience is achieved. Third, if our audience finds our documentation thorough and easy to understand there is less pressure on our tech support group to answer more basic questions that should be able to be resolved in our wiki documentation. Many people are afraid to ask for help from tech support staff for fear of feeling inferior or inexperienced so they rely heavily on easy to understand and navigate wiki pages with supporting images to provide good and informative documentation.

  • What are the teams objectives?
 Enhance the current wiki documentation with supporting images.
  • What are the teams tasks?
 Create supporting images for wiki documents including, but not limited to, charts, graphs and screenshots.
  • How does the team perform their tasks?
 Utilizing graphic software such as Google Docs, GIMP, Inkscape, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or others


Here the team should include info's about their

  • Mailing List
  • IRC channel
  • Forum
  • Meetings
  • and any special thing to be taken care of while contacting


A short intro and then list the member with a link to the wiki members page.

How to join

This should include answers to questions like

  • When is someone eligible to join?
  • What has one to do to join?
  • Is openSUSE Membership required for the task?

Additions (optional)

Links, resources, etc.