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SUSE Studio QA corner

Located in the innerweb wiki contains documentation and descriptions of tools and processes used in Studio QA. Unfortunatly the innerwiki is not open to the public so to avoid any inconveniences there is no direct link provided.

Appliances QA special interest group

We will communicate QA developments in each team so synergies can be detected and knowledge spreads faster. Anyone who is interested in that can just post his mail address here and meetings will be scheduled around beginning of July. It will be a more informal syncing and should not creat to much overhead, I assume having regular irc meetings in the beginning should be sufficient and phone calls can be setup on demand.

Interested people

Testswarm appliance

As testswarm setup is not straight forward a readily configured testswarm appliance has been configured and is now available on the marketplace for anyone interested in trying it out. The appliance can be found here: