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  • Ancor Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • Clemens Famulla-Conrad
  • OndŇôej Holeńćek
  • Ladislav Slezak
  • Iv√°n L√≥pez Gonz√°lez
  • David D√≠az Gonz√°lez
  • Josef Reidinger
  • Joaquin Rivera
  • Please add yourself


  • Reorganizing the work group procedures
    • Switching from "research with sync calls" to "development with concrete Iguana and D-Installer tasks".
    • Huge overlap in the set of people in this work group, in the 1:1 System Management work group and in the YaST Team.
    • New procedure:
      • One single Trello board with separate "incoming" lines for YaST bugs, this WG and the 1:1 sysmngmnt one -
      • Biweekly sprints (for now)
      • Separate planning meetings for each line
      • Optional daily call for quick coordination all together at 11 CEST
      • Shared review meeting followed by a blog post (YaST Team blog for now) about what's new
  • Status update
    • Iguana already able to boot and execute a container
    • First version of containerized D-Installer almost ready, only small details to iron up
    • D-Installer has reached version 0.4. Time to blog about it and submit it to Factory.
  • First planning session of the new procedure. Resulting tasks:
    • Make (D-Installer) container(s) run on Iguana
    • Define new D-Installer status handling workflow
    • Run D-Installer as a set of containers
    • Submit D-Installer to Factory
    • Handle D-Installer questions in a separate process
    • Fix D-Installer cosmetic issues on LUKS activation
    • Plan network features for D-Installer